President John Mahama : The Man and His Journey

It has become necessary for me to end the day’s write-ups with this piece because of a discussion I had with one of my trusted political godfathers concerning the just ended accounting to the people tour by President Mahama.It is important we critically look at the person Mahama as we move on because of the sensitive position he occupies.I was also moved by comments his colleagues made about him in Kigali confirming that natural accolade that Ghana is the torch bearer when it comes to African civilization.

One must begin to look back to find out why the man John Mahama was so much respected and admired by both sides of the divide from the very day he entered the political landscape.

His political opponents and even hawks on the other side felt comfortable dealing with him to the extent that people perceived as architects of Npp diabolic operations including known Npp inclined journalists saw him as a brother,a friend and others a comrade.One may ask,what went into that magic moves.In opposition he was one character whose communication skills helped shape the philosophy of the party.The boldness he exhibited in the media and his principled approach to issues reshape the philosophy of the party.

He was one person who spoke his mind independently but was a team player.John was the first person performing his duty as Head of the party’s communication to have openly expressed his worries over the party’s approach to certain delicate national issues.When BBC interviewed him on the “Positive Defiance” statement by Jerry Rawlings,unlike others,he cleverly explained the statement to cure planted mischiefs but courageously went on further to respectfully state that some of such statements would be managed to avoid misinterpretations etc.That interview was what penciled him down by the BBC network as an intelligent communicator.

He was the person whose actions built bridges between the NDC and other civil organisations who hitherto,perceived the NDC as an organisation they could not deal with.He openly against all odds stated his unhappiness about certain decisions which emanated from the top hierarchy which was deepening the already bad relationship between the party and the civil society organisations and I remember a nice piece written in the daily graphic by a director of CDD about John Mahama.

Such positive attitudinal antics created problems for the Bole Bamboi king Kong.Some miscreants within the Party could not stand the sudden crave for Mahama’s leadership creating tension here and there but the reality was that John behind the scene had already settled on the man he always refer to as his mentor Professor Mills.His disposition through those turbulent times was that of philosophical calmness whiles he focused on rebranding the party culminating into what we see of the NDC today.


That attraction is natural considering how the father Emmanuel Adama Mahama also picked as one of the trusted comrades of Osagyefo in the northern zone.May be the “first” philosophy has genetic connection.The father was the first Minister of state for the northern region.He was one of the young trained teachers from the north Nkrumah settled on for his national project.At point he was selected with few others including Ohene Djan to be in charge of all CPP financial matters.He also served as senior Presidential advisor under Hilla Limann and was one of the leaders who tireless worked to build bridges between the camps in the PNP.

His son’s record of using three months to campaign and win a major election in Ghana will forever remain a tough record,first Gonjaman to have risen to the highest office of the land is another enviable record.Taking over the Presidency after the unfortunate death of Mills,another record.The first head of state to have been born after Ghana’s independence on 6th March 1957 is another record noteworthy.The first President in the fourth republic to have come from the legislature is another record worth celebrating.If you read books on philosophy one would understand some these things though we take them as normal life situations.

When the President removed his handkerchief to wipe away dropping tears when he saw the crowd in Tamale I felt something within I know he was mesmerised by the thick crowd but I saw that as normal looking at the north and south dichotomy and his ability to comfortable fix himself across the divides.The father suffered two exile situations and as young boy or man saw what happened those are what have contributed to his solid political stance and indepth understanding of our contemporary politics.

I know that those who carelessly condemn him in public,clandestinely go back to heal wounds knowing what the man represents,his affability,readiness to listen and reluctance to get emotional easily no wonder after years of intense condemnation,Prof Martey openly praised him for his humility and assured him of his constant prayers to succeed.In our bid to get our parties to office,we must also consider the safety of our nation and the cohesion we’ve enjoyed so far.I don’t think the Npp in its current state can manage its internal issues if elected into office let alone manage the nation.Our democracy shouldn’t be toyed with in the name of political extremism and unworkable promises.We don’t need a leader who will establish himself by intimidation and force,who will choose henchmen around himself,create secret police and abandoned all pretence of consulting the wishes of the masses but will only expect regimented YES from us on all national issues like we seeing in the Npp today.

Credit: Ohenenana Obonti Krow


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