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John Mahama – a name that needs no introduction to Ghanaians, will create a national record as the first defeated incumbent to take back power after four years in opposition. The Mahama return wave is blowing across the country.

In office he showed that he was a self actualized leader. Mahama was not a populist leader, and was not a people pleaser in a sense that he would say anything to please Ghanaians even if that means manipulating or misguiding the public.

It takes oath of courage to do this and Mahama exhibited that courage. When he said “he would rather risk a second term bid on grounds of principle than on petty politicking”, it became a national issue because it was the first time an African President/leader making such a bold statement few days to election. He remained focused and did not get detracted by lies told about him and his government by his political opponents.

He did not make idealistic promises but realistic ones and made sure he implemented them including the schools, the hospitals, the roads, water etc. Unlike the Npp, he made sustainable promises and proved that he was a man of his words.

His crime was that he did not hide bad news or the real state of the country (economy etc ) just because it is uncomfortable to the public’s ear or may create disaffection for his government. So, he boldly told us the state of the economy and organised the Senchi Forum, he told us how the single spine salary scheme was affecting the economy and the need for us to discuss the percentage of our revenue that goes into salary payment. He accepted the IMF deal and got it right.

His achievements in the infrastructure sector the four years is still rated the best. The roads, hospitals, schools, ports expansion etc within four years is rated unprecedented by political pundits. Nkrumah, Rawlings and Acheapong performed wonders in terms of infrastructural development but John’s achievement within four years puts him in a special position when discussing governance and infrastructural development.

He exhibited exceptional healthy emotional IQ and always moved above his emotions, conditioning and his fixations to specific outcomes to think logically and nationally. In other words, was and is rational and controls his emotions.

The first person born after independence to lead the country. The first person (leader) who went through all the political structures before becoming the CEO of corporate Ghana. His political record and that of Cleveland, are almost the same.

As the Communication Minister under the Rawlings administration , John Mahama modernized the country’s telecommunication sector culminating in the revolution we saw in the sector.

As the Vice President and Head of Prof Mills’ economic management team, Ghana enjoyed a single digit inflation figure for more than 30 months and the economy was rated the best in the Sub region. Under his supervision, the economy grew.

Mr Mahama’s four year rule was as transformative, and now that he is coming back, more could certainly be expected. Every community in Ghana got its share of his projects. His ministers voluntarily donated towards the building of Chps compounds. He was highly commended by respected world leaders including Prime Minister Cameron, Shimon Perez, Obama, Kenneth Kaunda, Hillary Clinton etc for his good leadership skills.

He never blamed his predecessors for the blames he inherited. He took personal responsibility and assured the citizenry that will fix the problems including the decades old power crisis, bad roads etc. He invited his opponents to join him find solutions to the challenges. He invited them to the Senchi Forum etc.

He proved that he was more of a leader, a collaborator than a competitor and always tried to build bridges rather than destroy them.

He commended his political opponents where they are due. He on a number of occasions commended President Kufour for the good things he did for Ghana.


The massive crave for a defeated President’s return 24 after the defeat unprecedented. This is the first time a defeated President is enjoying this massive support and public sympathy in the history of Ghana. His achievements are fresh in the minds of the masses, they see his projects daily in their communities, they use them daily and compare them to happenings under the current administration creating the massive disenchantment and disappointment. This is the first time a political party is offering support of this magnitude to its defeated president.

He is rated among the best ever Presidents in Africa. He and the Norwegian Prime Minister were appointed the UN agency because of the leadership qualities he exhibited. He was re-elected to lead Ecowas because of his leadership skills. He was also elected as chairman of the African Union (AU) high level African Trade Committee all because of his leadership record.

Ghana is losing this enviable international image under Akufo Addo….

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