A politician qualities are his character’s that is natural, while some of the qualities are as a result of external influence. Promising politicians qualities are often backed by skills, experience, intelligence, integrity, with instinct all combined to achieve their goal. First and foremost, the best quality of a politician is honesty , God fearing and honesty. A faithful and effective politician is trustworthy and reliable.

As President, John Mahama captured the essence of truth, displayed sincerity, candor and practiced what he preached. He took certain tough but prudent decisions in the interest of nation Ghana and accepted responsibility for his actions and his words. The same is true in his dealing with his people. He makes promises and keep those promises. He promised will fix the economy and the power crisis and did exactly that.

John Mahama, has proven per his actions, achievements and dealings with the masses that he is somebody you can comfortably rely upon. Loves people with all his heart, might, mind, soul and always striving to help them.

John Mahama parachuted into mainstream politics in the 90s and has never disappointed his admirers and his seniors. Everything about John Mahama suggests a man who is in control of himself – from his thoughtful manners to speech to his measured steps as he makes his way embarks on the political journey.

Nine out of ten in Ghanaians hold a favourable view of John Mahama. This include about 75 percent who express a very favourable opinion. Although his support dipped slightly in 2016 because of lies told about him and his government by the opposition led by the current President, it has re covered 15 percent point in 2018 and now, just one in ten Ghanaians have an unfavorable view of the former President.

Loyalty to party made him an outstanding leader. He was/is nearer to his people and frequently interacted with them to know their problems a practice he has promised to improve upon. Only fake politicians are seen by voters and party folks when an election is near. He lead by example and made sure his appointees adhered strictly to governance ethics and principles. He open himself up for criticism and learns from his mistakes and criticism.

His popularity among the rural folks especially, farmers has increased significantly because of this government’s performance and young Ghanaians, those ages 18 to 35, have began showing greater intensity of supporters for him.

He never considered himself an expert in the filed of leadership. He carefully plans a response and takes time to cool down before addressing a heated issue. People refer to him as a communication gen because of these attributes. He trust people he works and empowers them to work and take ownership. What makes him unique among his peers is that he strives to see what’s coming and prepare for it.

His ability to accommodate every soul including his adversaries is fantastic. John doesn’t hold a grudge. He sees feedback, even that which is hard to hear, as valuable information which makes him better. He receives correction without becoming defensive. People ask why he still accommodate adversaries including persons he appointed into his government who are peddling falsehood about him and making derogatory remarks about him because of the internal contest. That is John Mahama. Mature leaders don’t hold a grudge. They forgive easily. Leadership they say can be painful, so it takes time for a leader to get rise to his level, but mature leaders, knowing that life is too short so don’t linger in the past.

He never made reckless promises but made sure the few promises he made were diligently executed. Unlike his successor,

-He made sure uncompleted projects started by his predecessors were completely completed

-He did not blame his predecessors for the problems he inherited

-He adhered strictly to provisions in the constitution and never undermined its (constitution) by applying fake technicalities. Heads of institutions including Governor of BoG, Chief Justice etc whose tenure are stipulated in the constitution were allowed to complete their tenure.

-He never attacked his critics…rather, he opened his doors to them and invited them to seminars etc to discuss Ghana.

-He invited known Npp persons to support his economic transformation agenda (Kwame Pianim, Osafo Marfo)

-He sacked his minister for making what he deemed unethical.

-“for me it is better to lose the election on principle than win it on falsehood,” this famous statement raised his credibility rating.

-Attends every state programme he is invited to be part.

The man projected the image of Ghana during his tenure. His famous statement on Cuba and Palestine, ignited the Nkrumah/Ghana flame at the United Nations. The UN, Ecowas and other bodies assigned him to play special roles because of the leadership skills he exhibited.

But as those who have met his wife Madam Lordina Mahama would agree, John’s well being and unique style are also very much the result of a stable family life. Lordina is warm, stylish and accommodating and after many years of marriage, they are still very much a romantic couple. They gaze into each other’s eyes when they talk, they place their arms affectionately around each other and holds hands when they talk.

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