I’ve had 3 wives….. -Nana Addo

President John Mahama and many leading members of the NDC have always maintained that Nana Addo is an ethnocentric, vindictive and divisive leader who cannot unite Ghana if he were to win power in the upcoming presidential elections.

Former member of the NPP and editor of the Statesman, a newspaper owned by Mr Akufo-Addo, and now Ambassador to Namibia, Alhaji Harruna Attah, in a recent article in defence of President Mahama’s statements that the NPP was an anti-Northerner party, claimed that the NPP presidential candidate was indeed ethnocentric having told him [Attah] in 2008 that the NPP was not going to cede its ‘Akan leadership’.

But according to him, throughout his life, he had lived in harmony with people from other tribes mostly in Accra and was rarely visiting his hometown of Kyebi and thus found it unfortunate that others would describe him as such.

Using his marital life as an example, he explained that the fact that his first wife, Remi was a Yoruba from Ife; his second wife, Eleanor (Akosua Saah) was an Asante and the current wife, Rebecca is a Ga-Adangbe, should be enough proof that he was not somebody who took decisions based on one’s ethnicity.

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