It’s still illogical and needless to compile new voters’ register- Mornah insists


The National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Benard Mornah, who has over time disagreed with the Electoral Commission’s (ECs) decision to introduce a new voters’ register ahead of the elections in December, insists it is illogical, needless and without merit to compile a new voters’ register.

Mr. Mornah, leading the Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Voters’ Register has embarked on series of demonstrations and several acts to resist the new register.

The EC however, insisted on its decision and was even given clearance by the Supreme Court to conduct the exercise.

Even though Mr. Mornah still stands with the view that the EC’s reasons for the registration are “illogical, needless and without merit”, he says the parties that resisted the EC have no choice now than to partake in the exercise.

“I would want to say once again that it is illogical, needless, and without merit to compile a new voters’ register. Particularly so, when it is the same Electoral Commission that has said on countless times that the current register is very credible and without blemish. The reasons the EC had given for wanting to change the current register has been defeated multiple times in any argument, but the EC is in persistent in doing this. It is something that marvels many citizens,” he said.

Speaking on Eyewitness News ,  Mr. Mornah added: “Never in the history of our nation has the EC decided to embark on an exercise received such a massive rejection from the population. The EC has the backing of the ruling party and therefore they want to go ahead. We have no option because our hands are tied to our backs, but we have alerted some potential dangers and the EC much watch out.”

The compilation of the new voters’ register will be done in phases with eligible Ghanaians going to polling stations to register.

Based on the ruling of the Supreme Court last week, only a Ghanaian passport or Ghana Card will be admitted as proof of identification for the registration.

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