It makes no sense – Michael Blackson laments the high rate of customs duties in Ghana

9th December 2022

Ghanaian comedian Michael Blackson has called out the Ghana Revenue Authority for charging exorbitant duties.

In a tweet, he revealed that he had shipped things from the United States of America to Ghana in order to help his cousins who don’t have jobs.

Michael claims that the clothes he bought were worth $10,000, but customs asked him to pay another $10,000 for clearance fees or the items would be auctioned off.

“I have cousins in Ghana with no jobs and no income. Because the country lacked jobs, they wanted to open a store if I could help.

“I purchased about $10k of items and when they arrived thru DHL, customs said they will need to pay $10k to retrieve them. IT MAKES NO SENSE @GhanaRevenue,” he fumed.

While lamenting his ordeal, he advised people abroad to be prepared to spend so much on shipping to Ghana.

“If you are planning on shipping anything to Ghana, be prepared to pay a duty fee as high as the thing you shipped and if you don’t pick them up in a timely fashion they will auction your belongings. Why @GhanaRevenue?

Meanwhile, Blackson has also bemoaned the depreciation of the Ghana Cedi and has asked for the authorities involved to find a better solution to help locals survive.

“Bad enough our money went from $1 to 5 cedis to $1 to 15 cedis. Our people are suffering and nothing is affordable for the poor locals. Let’s find a better solution to help our people of Ghana,” he shared in a separate tweet.

Jafari Ferguson, commonly known as Michael Blackson, is a renowned Ghanaian American comedian popularly referred to as the ‘African king of comedy.’

He rose to popularity following his remarkable comedy specials and performances that have made him one of the best-known African standup comedians in Hollywood.

Additionally, Blackson is well known for his roles in numerous films and television shows, the most popular being P Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Welcome to America, and 30 Rock

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