I am highly disappointed in the General Secretary of the Christian Council Rev Opuni, in his interview with the host of Okay fm Adea Akye Abia this morning, he said the Council hasn’t been able to make a public statement on the NPP importing retired soldiers from South Africa to train party foot soldiers in weapon handling is because of the way the issue has been politicized. And so they want to wait and listen to how the debate will go before they can make a public statement to that effect.

Can you imagine this? So does the Christian Council know that some issues can be politicized in a away that can mislead them to make an ignoramus statement? Woooow!!!
And they jumped unto the trail of the NPP releasing statement upon statements criticizing the Government for showing the two Gitmo former detainees compassion by accepting to house them in this country without taking time to read into the issue to know whether the NPP were only making noise just to score some political gains or not? For which some of them even ended up insulting the intelligence of the President? This is serious!

If the Christian Council were able to criticize the Government for embarking on an assignment that had the National Security of Ghana and that of the United States of America involved, then why must they keep mute in a matter that rather serves a threat to the National Security and for that matter the peace and stability of this country? This is unbelievable .

I’m in a state of shock. What kind of leaders do we have in the country? These people call themselves Executives of the Christian council of Ghana. God have mercy.

When an issue favors the NPP, then they will quickly jump into it and behave as if Ghana will Burn in a twinkle of eye. But when it goes against the the NPP, that one, they can wait and listen to how the discussion will go before they make a public statement. What a shame!!! Leaders who act with bias stance must not be entertain in this country.

This country belongs to all us and so no one should sit somewhere and behave as if it is only one section of some people who want the peace of this country. Leaders must not do that. They must be seen fighting for the interest of this country instead of one particular political party.

God is watching us all.

Stephen Kenneth Nakujah
Co Founder: Team Of Popular Youth and Rep For Komkomba Youth For The NDC – G/A

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