Is GLO Collapsing?

onething can be as annoying as wanting to send an important email or looking for information on the internet and you are unable to assess the net, because your provider’s internet is slow.

For some time now, that is the situation subscribers or users of Glo modem, have found themselves in. Loading one site takes forever and sending or checking your email, is one hellish experience, especially when someone is standing by to receive it.

A lot of Ghanaians received Glo with so much expectation, as the story was told of the network, as being the fastest growing network in Nigeria.

The network to have smooth and easy entry into Ghana, signed a lot of our celebrities as ambassadors to help promote their product, this they did very well, which led many people to queue to first reserve their numbers and then to buy the chips, when the network was finally launched.

Anticipation, they say is often sweeter than realization, the pump and pageantry that heralded the launch was short-lived, as the network, has been going from bad to worse.

As an African company, with so many prospects, it is very sad seeing that, the network is gradually folding up.

They have closed some of their shops in the capital and you do not see their adverts or commercials on television, as the network used to when it began operation in the country.

Unlike other sectors of the economy, the telecommunication sector is a very competitive one, and they run adverts more than any other sector, so it is surprising that Glo, has gone down as far as adverts are concerned.

The network needs to be frank with its customers, who are spending money buying credit, and yet struggle to assess the internet.

What is annoying with the internet providers in this country is that, the longer it takes to load a site, the more credit you consume, you are not charged based on usage, but by trying to open a site.

What do you think?

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