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Insulting Donald Trump could cause you a visa to the US – here’s why

In case you are insulting the president of the United States of America (USA), you may not be granted a visa to ‘Trumpland’ if you apply for it.

If you think this is a joke the Argentine football legend, Diego Maradona is an example.

The 57-year-old was expected to travel to Miami for a case involving his ex-wife, Claudia Villafañe.

However, according to the Mirror, Diego Maradona claimed he was denied a visa to the US because he insulted Trump on TV.

Explaining what happened on the Argentine TV show ‘Buenos días América’, Maradona’s lawyer Matias Morla said Maradona used a slang term to insult Trump on TV.

The lawyer said Maradona granted an interview to Venezuelan TV channel TeleSur when he was in the process of obtaining the visa.

“You can imagine, I was in the embassy and I said ‘Diego, please don’t talk about the United States’. Because the interview was with TeleSur and I know how these things go.”

“And the second question was ‘What do you think of Donald Trump’? He said ‘Donald Trump is a chirolita (a slang term for dummy or puppet)?”

“After this, I said I’m going to have to represent you in Miami instead,” he added.

The footballing legend who is currently managing Al Fujairah, in the Arab Emirates was first kicked out of the US after he was caught taking drugs during the 1994 World Cup.

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