This week will be one hell of a week for the internal security teams (or if you like, vigilante groups) of the NPP because they acted in a manner that was ‘novel’ in the political history of Ghana which is ‘storming the courts’.

For persons who may be reading this piece for the first time (my piece), I am a grassroot political activist, a constituency youth organizer of the greatest political party in Ghana, the NDC and I am proud of the heritage and history of the NDC. Bounded by my belief in truth because I am leaning in thoughts towards the pan-African ways of doing things, permit me to doving my hat (I am a bald headed young man so let me better say bowing half of my body, for a little over a minute), for the Delta Forces and Hon. Kennedy Agyapong MP. He has proven and shown that, it is better to stick your dignity for a party faithful than follow the ‘book long mentality’.

The operations of such groups cannot be over emphasised but they must be managed. I will at this juncture, unreservedly condemn the storming of the courts by these men whom I describe as brave men, that is only their excess. When the police and other security apparatus were not there for the NPP, these young fearless lads kept their lives on the line for the NPP. And the ‘big-men’ must teach them how to respect the laws of the land yet, enjoy some level of freedom.

In my party the great NDC, we neglected these gallant soldiers. We allowed HUNGER to kill our people, from the National Youth Organizer, who should have championed such protection to the 2 deputies, whose hallmark was complains.. They couldn’t impose on an NDC government why we should defend our people and resource them. If we had STOPPED the appointment of Ebo Bechem, former CEO of the YEA, the NDC would have been in power.

If we had people who cared for majority of the grassroot, we wouldn’t have been where were as a people. If we had roped them into employment, we would have been in power not opposition.

There are millions of persons like me who are tired of hearing our leaders, rather than remain silent on descriptions being given to Invincible Forces, channel their energies in pushing for the empowerment of our own vigilante groups. Some things are meant for the media and CSO’s to comment not political parties.

The grassroot is taking over. Our comeback is not a guarantee in 2020 if we don’t correct our wrongs. The NPP is teaching us how to govern. I am for vigilante groups, they are no terrorist groups.

Edem Koku Edem

Written by Web Master

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