‘I’m sad I am an Asante’ – Betty Mould

The first Vice Chair of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Betty Mould-Iddrisu has lamented what she describes as the skewed manner in which the Media in the Ashanti region reports the achievement of the NDC government.

In her view, Ghana in the last seven years under the NDC administration, has seen an unprecedented achievement in education and educational infrastructure.

Addressing party supporters in the Ashanti region, the former Attorney General urged the press in the region to be objective in their reportage of the performance of the Mills and Mahama administrations.

“ When I was appointed the minister of Education, there were 525 Senior High Schools and one man has added almost half of that number within this short space of time…it is almost revolutionary, unprecedented.

“…Sometimes when I listen to the radio and I hear the things that are said on the radio, I feel pained, I feel pained that I am an Ashanti. I wonder why we can’t value what we have. I wonder why we can’t acknowledge that in Africa, Ghana is number one and among the top five countries,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, the ruling party will go to the polls on November 7 to elect their parliamentary and Presidential candidates for the 2016 elections.

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