I’m doing what Hilary is wishing for America – Maham

President John Mahama
President John Mahama has said his government has already invested heavily in socioeconomic infrastructure, something he says, the Democratic candidate in the US Hilary Clinton is now promising to do if elected.

According to the President, the magnitude of infrastructure developments Ghana has witnessed under his reign has put the country on a sound footing for livelihood empowerment in his second term.

Adressing a mammoth rally in Asamankese in the Eastern region on the first day of his tour of the region, President Mahama asked for the renewal of his mandate to finish what he has started.

“If you look at Hilary Clinton’s economic plan, she’s promising to invest 250 billion dollars in economic and social infrastructure. She is now coming to invest this amount when elected. Ghana has already started investing in socioeconomic infrastructure already. This is because socioeconomic infrastructure is the foundation of every development.”

The President added: “Without electricity, potable water, roads, hospitals, schools, there will be no foundation. So what are you going to build on? Nothing. Social and economic infrastructure is like skeletons to the body, without them the body cannot stand. And so you have to build social and economic infrastructure first and then after that you put livelihood empowerment on top of it.”

President Mahama’s assertion comes days after owner of Ovation International Chief Delle Momodu made a similar one attracting sharp criticisms from opponents of the President.

President Mahama’s second term bid is facing a serious challenge from the leader of opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Akufo-Addo.

Source:Ghana/ Alhassan

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