I’ll celebrate KABA than share crocodile tears – Bobie Ansah

I will celebrate my brother KABA than sharing crocodile tears, I am proud of him and proud of myself.

Yes, I have listened to various comments from both junior and senior colleagues on the sudden demise of our beloved and I see the real typical Ghanaian hypocrisy where we adore the dead than living.

I have worked with top broadcasters who have no record in raising not a single giant in the industry yet they are mourning today like never; then I asked myself “so could KABA have gotten a helping hand from them for employment or an opportunity for a platform if he had approached them when he was nobody”?

Well, it will interest you that some of these seniors are not even on talking terms with their own junior colleagues who they are sharing the same office with because of competition; interesting!

These senior broadcasters can go to the extent that they don’t even want their junior colleagues who sit-in for them on radio to play their identification jingle but rather playing the I.D of him who is absent. Interesting!

Then I have seen some colleagues in multimedia jumping all over in tears, surprisingly some of them never agreed with Cox TAMAKLOE, Kwadwo Preko Dankwah and myself as to why KABA should be given a Chance to be on air, some personally fought with me, and even complained to Akwasi Twum how I am playing stubborn and pushing KABA down their throat; at this point I was forced to defend my actions to Akwasi Twum and explain the talent I see in KABA which eventually turned out negatively that “Bobie wants to dictate the pace”.

I have so many stories to tell but is just a matter of time, I am proud of my brother KABA, I am glad I didn’t turn my back on him when he needs a platform and lorry fare, I am proud I shared with him my little, for this I won’t break my neck over his death but I will thank God for his life.

Fare thee Well Bro!

What do you think?

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