Ignore Dishonest Fadi Daboussi’s Claim About aL-hAJJ – Publishers Of aL-hAJJ Newspaper

Fadi Dabbousi must not attempt to find cover in The aL-hAJJ newspaper for his reckless comments leading to his arrest and detention by the Bureau of National Investigation.

If a supposed journalist of his standing, can hold on to a spurious and malicious story as gospel truth after same was debunked my The aL-hAJJ newspaper, and apology rendered to the paper and President Mahama by online news outlets that published the story, then Fadi Dabbousi is an epitome of what his shameful behavior has exposed him to be.

The aL-hAJJ newspaper has NEVER published any story about President Mahama or the First Family depicting what Fadi Dabbousi said informed his shameful behavior.

As old as he is, one would have thought that after having realised he has been used for a ‘job’ that has brought so much shame to his family and exposed him to public odium, truth will be his watch word. But it appears he is yet to learn his lessons so decided to tell another lie again on Peace FM to cover his reprehensible behavior.

We will not waste our time requesting an apology or retraction from a dishonest character like him. Ghanaians now know what he is made of.

By -GhanaPoliticsonline.com

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