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…Ghanaians are becoming increasingly concerned about their security due to the increasing levels of crime and lawlessness under the Mahama-led government. Today, Ghanaians do not feel safe. The Mahama-led government has failed the people of Ghana in terms of the security of the country and of its citizens. Our existing laws are largely not enforced, and when they are done selectivity, often with much interference from the Executive.

The NPP government will secure peace and security for all Ghanaians. Under the NPP government, Ghanaians will feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Ghanaians will go about their daily business in the secure knowledge that their persons, properties and lives are safe under an NPP government…”
The above is found on page 147 in the NPP’s 2016 campaign manifesto and every single Ghanaian at this stage is wondering if their flagbearer, now president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo really meant those harsh words and promises. The direct opposite has been the case ever since he assumed office. Apart from making international headlines with his speech-theft (plagiarized world leaders’ speeches) this government just started on a wrong footing.

For well over five (5) boring and uninspiring months this government has been struggling so hard to be visible to it’s citizens who continue to now live in a state of insecurity, fear and hopelessness.
One of the militia arm of the NPP popularly known as the invisible forces upon assumption of office went on rampage on the streets abusing known opposition members, confiscating personal vehicles with impunity, etc. In this process a senior police officer in uniform was physically harassed in the premise of the seat of government, the Flagstaff house and till date citizens have been made to believe the said gentleman is at large; this can certainly not be the competence promised Ghanaians
Another militia body of the same NPP, known as the Delta Force initially stormed the premise of a Regional Security Coordinator and abused personnel there for no reason. Later, some of this hooligans were caught and processed for court. While in lawful custody and on trial in Kumasi, another badge of their mates visited mayhem on the court, physically assaulted the judge and freed their colleagues to ‘break jail’. In a country governed by law, this Delta Force militia guys have been discharged for a lack of evidence according to the Attorney General. One wonder how this could be defined as a state of security under this government.
Two gentlemen who were key suspects in the murder of the late JB Danquah, a former MP have also been discharged just at the time they have rather begun talking and threatened to mention names of high profile persons who contracted them to kill the former MP.
One cannot forget how two current ministers of the ruling government were openly accused of having a hand in the murder of one of their former regional chairmen. Interestingly the appropriate state institutions never found it proper to invite this persons for questioning and in the past one month this government has substituted law for APLOGIES. Otiko Nafisa Djaba and Rockson Bukari, Gender Minister and Upper East Regional Minister respectively are walking free without any invite after such serious allegation was made against them. Both Ghanaians and the international community has become so worried over this unfortunate developments. This is an embarrassment of a government to Ghana and Africa. In less than five months in office this government has decided to be a government for the few, leaving the majority to live in fear and panic.
The last straw to break the camel’s back was the recent gruesome lynching and murder of Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama on the 29th of May 2017. From all indications this was a planned execution and should not have been politicized in anyway but when you have government appointees making very unguarded and reckless comments one then will have to brace himself to welcome the competence promised Ghanaians by the Akufo-Addo led government.
Our president FAILED WOEFULLY to act on time and his way of handling the entire news was very shabby and typical of a useless government. When news broke of the murder, one would have expected our president to do the following:
1. Immediately cut short his trip or
2. Immediately issue a strong worded message
3. Immediately hold a live broadcast of at least fifteen minutes to calm the nation
4. Address the nation call for a united front give a proper direction for security services to move forward
5. Immediately place a call PRESONALLY to the family of the murdered Captain
6. Send a message of assurance to the rank and file of the military and empathizing with them
7. Acknowledge the incidence wherever he was at his next speaking engagement since he was not in the country but still had to show leadership
Instead, our president’s Twitter account handlers begun a knee-jerk reaction by tweeting on social media about the incidence and in such an infantile and useless manner, this was done on three occasions which demonstrates a lack of clear thought to convey one simple message. This is a president who consistently referred to his predecessor as incompetent, and that was respectful enough that when his government is also called incompetent or useless, the apostles of morals, etc, begin to refer to it as disrespectful. Why must the narrative must change, one may ask.

Our president ought to be seriously advised because his action has caused so much disaffection for him within the rank and file of the military and confidence in him as the Commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces was largely eroded.
Ghana over the past few months have been in the news for all the wrong reasons and no single investor upon reading all the news about this country will express interest in investing in the country. Law and order has grinded to a halt, a banana republic is the most suitable name for the country now and the state of absolute insecurity, fear and panic is the order of the day.
As citizens we must begin to gear up for a massive demonstration of our anger against this government and this should be without hesitation. Every single step of this government has become a curse, an embarrassment and deceit.
God bless our homeland Ghana, let us all #GetInvolved to remain #StrongerTogether, it will be #PossibleTogether
Source: Elikem Kotoko, (ek)
Twitter: @elikem31
Facebook: Elikem Kwami Kotoko
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