Mr President, corrupt Presidents and corrupt Prime Ministers with illegal money making skills do not use deadly weapons when stealing from state coffers.

Nepotism has been described as “a grave disorder akin to rape” when it came to appointments in government. Nepotism ( favouritism granted to relatives, friends and political benefactors in various fields) is one of the worst form of corruption.

The global coalition against corruption, transparency international, recently posted a video to its social media page listing some world leaders and problems of nepotism. I am recommending this video to the President.

Mr President, about eighty percent (80%) of people occupying sensitive positions in your administration and our state institutions are your family members including your daughter. The Finance Minister who is in charge of the country’s finances and the economy, is your cousin, your daughter has been appointed into your administration. The finance minister recently appointed a brother’s wife to head SIC and has occupied every space in the finance ministry with his friends and cronies. GIPC, another sensitive state agency is being managed by another colleague of the finance minister. How different is President Akufo-Addo from Angola’s president who appointed his daughter to run a state owned oil company. The daughter is said to be the richest woman in Africa. How different is President Akufo Addo from the President of Equatorial Guinea who appointed his son as his Vice President. His son is facing trial in France for corruption charges and has been accused of stealing millions from state funds. How different is Nana Addo from the Prime Minister of Hungary who has been accused of giving many state contracts to his son in law. Based on evidence available, President Akufo Addo’s name will be added to the list of corrupt leaders by transparency international.

Mr President your ex- wife also benefits from your family and friends administration as she is appointed an ambassador. Your cousins in your cabinet are not excluded from problems of nepotism. We know of the monthly Ofori-Atta descendants meetings that take place in Tafo in the Eastern Region and the deals discussed at such meetings. Mr President, corruption is a form of dishonest and unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit. It is the illegitimate use of public power for private gain. The composition of the government of Ghana or any of its agencies and the conduct of its affairs should be carried out in such a manner as to reflect the national character of Ghana, and need to promote national unity. But the composition of your government reflect your family’s character and promoting stealing of state funds and building of your envisioned empire.

Mr President, your friend and top financier of your party warned you and your party not to “touch” the BOST boss in spite the corruption allegation levelled against him because he supported you financially in opposition. We were told by the financier that the BOST boss supported you financially with an amount of Ghc 300,000 a month since 2012. A-plus recently exposed support you received from a private Bank in opposition and how two of your appointees are still benefiting from that relationship.

Mr President, corrupt leaders do not use sophisticated weapons to raid their nations and steal from state coffers and don’t carry out their nefarious activities by themselves. They appoint their children, family members and friends to sensitive and lucrative positions to perpetuate their wicked plans on their people. President Museveni appointed his son Muhoozi to the rank of major general, Theodoro Obiang appointed his son to the Vice Presidency, Dos Santos appointed his daughter Isabel as head of the state energy firm Sonangol. What she said when Ugandan public started pouring agitations – that, she is a business person and not a politician, is not different from what your cousin who told Ghanaians when Kennedy Agyepong accused him of taking bribes ranging from $20,000- $30,000 from people who request to meet the President.

Mr President, you have already overfilled your pockets not pocket with our money. You are making illegal money using special illegal money making skills conniving with your family members and friends. We saw the list of people who constituted your delegation to the UN. Relatives of your wife, business friends, cousins, allies in the media. How different is your action from what famous corrupt leaders do? This time, your delegation to the UN was the biggest from Africa.

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