I don’t like what Ntim put out; it’s disingenuous, unfortunate – Alan

28th September 2023

Former Trade Minister Alan Kyerematen has expressed disappointment and deemed it disingenuous for the national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Ntim, to publicly state that he [Kyerematen] presented a positive outlook and affirmed his commitment to the party after a meeting following the party’s special delegates conference.

Mr Kyerematen clarified that he had raised various concerns about the party’s actions and decisions in his discussions with Mr. Ntim, and these concerns were left unaddressed.

Mr Kyerematen highlighted his discussions with Mr. Ntim on multiple occasions, where he had pointed out several issues within the party, including problems with the voters’ register, the failure to conduct a necessary exhibition for delegates to verify their names, and violations of party regulations after the super delegates conference.

He also stressed his disappointment that his concerns were not taken seriously, despite raising them in writing and in discussions with the current president.

Mr. Ntim had earlier stated that he had meaningful dialogues with various presidential aspirants, including Kyerematen, who did not secure victory in the party’s special delegates conference.

However, Kyerematen contested the portrayal of his position in a Joy News interview, emphasising that his concerns were not adequately addressed and that Mr. Ntim’s public statement about their meeting was regrettable.

Despite his disappointment, Mr Kyerematen emphasised that he had not displayed overt signs of anger toward the party, although he had withdrawn from the presidential race after placing third in the special delegates conference.

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