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I am single and still searching – Gloria Akuffo

Ghana Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo, has revealed that she is single and is still searching for a soulmate.

The 64-year-old said she has not given up on finding love and would settle down should she find a perfect suitor.

The Attorney General made the comment during an interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile with Lexis Bill.

“Who said if I got somebody I won’t marry today? I have not found the person yet. I am still looking. Maybe I have not been found and I have not found,” Ms. Akuffo said.

She went on to describe her dream man as one who is real and would allow her to be herself always.

According to her, she would want someone who is a true friend and one who she can walk into old age with.

“…a friend that I can be Gloria with. I can be angry I can laugh and a true friend you can sit with and inspite of whatever differences you will have into the future you can look back and laugh together and walk your old age together,” she replied.

Some weeks ago, the Attorney General was in the news after revealing that she has two kids with “people’s husbands”.

Explaining herself, Ms Akuffo said given the second chance, she would have done things differently.

“You know my background. I was born into a big home and at that age, you really didn’t think there was anything. But seriously, maybe I wouldn’t have done it today,” she said.

”You grow up not really seeing something wrong with having a relationship with someone’s [husband].”

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