I am going to court in the interest of Nana Akufo-Addo

I am going to court in the interest of Nana Akufo-Addo
Paul Afoko says he is proceeding to court to challenge his suspension as NPP national chairman because it is an illegality that can happen to anyone including the 2016 flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo.
He suggested that Nana Akufo-Addo or any flagbearer in the future could be the next victim of the illegal process used to suspend him.

He is, therefore, going to court in the interest of the party, it’s constitution and its flagbearer.
The National Council of the opposition NPP last Thursday affirmed the party’s National Executive Committee’s decision to suspend Paul Afoko indefinitely.

But Paul Afoko says the 70 members of the National Council who voted for his suspension have no right to suspend a national officer elected by more than 5,000 delegates at a party delegate’s congress in April 2014.

If 70 officials of the party can engineer the suspension of a nationally elected officer, then every other officer in the party is under threat, he told journalists at a press conference Wednesday.
“Our constitution is under attack, our constitution is being breached and bastardised,” he fumed.
He revealed that his 70 accusers in the National Council had been against him from the very first day he decided to contest for National Chairman. They also voted against him in the Tamale Congress which he won in April 2014.
Paul Afoko who is still holding himself out as National Chairman says he is bound by his oath as National Chairman to defend the constitution of the party.
“I don’t take my oaths lightly. I take my oath seriously”, he said.
According to Paul Afoko, the NPP constitution states that 40% of party delegates are needed to petition the National Council which will then direct the National Disciplinary Committee to hear the matter.
The party will then refer the matter to an extraordinary delegates conference where a two-thirds majority is needed to remove him from office. None of these constitutional requirements were followed in arriving at a decision, Afoko has said.
But the NPP has always maintained, it has not removed Paul Afoko and need not follow Article 10, Clauses 1 to 5. The party says it has only suspended Paul Afoko indefinitely.
But Afoko has fought back, explaining that his indefinite suspension is illegal.
“Indefinite is not in our constitution. Indefinite is not there”, he was emphatic. Afoko says even when the constitutional process to remove him is activated, he can only be suspended for one month.
Paul Afoko says he has exhausted all the party’s internal processes available to him to see redress. It has not worked for him.
“I am left with no action than to seek interpretation of our constitution in a court of law”.
Despite pressure on him to accept his fate, Paul Afoko has vowed to do the bidding of his conscience.
“Vanity will ask is it popular? Cowardice will ask is it safe? Expediency will ask is it politically correct? But conscience will ask, is it right?…I shall follow my conscience and I will do what is right”.

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