Hundreds Gather At Dansoman For Ebony’s One Week (Pictures)

Hundreds of fans and music lovers are expected to converge at the St. Martin De Porres school in Accra for the ‘one-week’ celebration of music prodigy, Ebony who died in a car crash last week Thursday.

Her music career was only a two-year warm-up at the top of the industry.

It cannot be remembered in recent history when the life of a 20-year old ‘girl’ ever became a subject of national interest.

The nation was hooked to an addiction with only two years of her life with her hits songs topping the charts and toppling established stars.

But death also took a morbid interest in her songs as much as the living and while we bought her songs, death bought her life in a selfish desire to keep the hit-singer as an exclusive performer in his dreary, gloomy chamber.

Chairs and canopies are being arranged. While some ladies arrange their faces delicately with make-up.

Traffic in the tine stretch of road in a densely populated Dansoman suburb will test mourners desire to reach the location.

It is expected to become unmanageable after church services close and fans move in to cover the grounds here as grass covers a pitch.

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