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Hon Sophia Karen Ackuaku Never Urged ‘Skirt and Blouse’ Voting In Domeabra-Obom

Our attention has been drawn to a publication on peacefmonline.comwhich is also circulating on other online news websites and trending on social media, in which our Parliamentary Candidate, Hon Sophia Karen Ackuaku, is purported to have urged electorates to vote “skirt and blouse” in the upcoming election.

To us, the said publication is not only false and malicious, but an imaginary piece of fictional writing intended to pitch our hardworking Parliamentary Candidate against the President and other members of our great party.

For the facts, the Constituency Executives, except the Constituency Chairman, Secretary and Youth Organizer, joined Hon Sophia Ackuaku last week Thursday to honor invitation by Chiefs and opinion leaders of Tebu, one of the sprawling communities in the constituency, to discuss issues affecting them.

We had a fruitful discussion and Hon Sophia Ackuaku assured them of her commitment to treat their concerns with utmost seriousness. We left the meeting with everybody including the chiefs and opinion leaders beaming with smiles. The issue of who to vote for in this year’s election never featured in our deliberation, not to talk of discussions relating to the president’s recent accounting to the people tour of the Greater Accra region.

We are however scandalized that a sensitive platform such could pick on Hon Sophia Ackuaku’s meeting with the chiefs and opinion leaders and render their own version of what transpired at the meeting.

The Domeabra-Obom constituency is one of the constituencies in the Greater Accra region regarded as safe seat for the NDC, and as a matter of fact the NDC government has reciprocated the electorates’ kind gesture by embarking on numerous infrastructure projects in the constituency.

It is sickening for any naïve journalists intending to impress his/her paymasters to say that Hon Sophia Ackuaku, who is serving in government as deputy Chief Executive of National Service Scheme, would impress on electorates to vote for her and vote for any presidential candidate of their choice.

“Skirt and Blouse” voting is alien to Domeabra-Obom constituency. It is something that we have never done and we don’t intend doing it. Hon Sophia Ackuaku would be the last person to advocate for that kind of voting. She has always rallied us to work hard in order to retain the seat and also increase the presidential votes.

We urge the general public to disregarded the false publication and treat it with the needed contempt it deserves. The constituency executives and, indeed all NDC members in the constituency are solidly behind our Parliamentary Candidate. No amount of lies and fabrications from detractors will take our eyes off the ultimate.

We expect nothing less than a retraction and apology from managers of if they really appreciate the basic tenets of journalism and want to be treated as a serious media outlet. Their false publication has dented the image of our candidate and has brought her name into public odium and we cannot watch on while the media shamefully throw mud at our Parliamentary Candidate.


Daniel A Danfro

Constituency Organizer, Domeabra-Obom

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