Greetings Hon.Kyei Mensah-Bonsu,

We saw how you defended yourself and stood up for your integrity when some persons in your constituency accused you of sleeping with the NDC. We also saw the anger with which you rejected claims by Mr Bagbin, that members of Parliament take bribes to articulate the views some organizations and individuals in Parliament.

You know very well that being publicly accused of a crime is torture, and once the information is out there, trying to defend yourself, clear your name, fight suspicion makes for a horrible predicament. So, It has now become fashionable to defame His Excellency John Mahama on public platforms just for political advantage.? Some of you who dealt closely with the man during his days as Parliamentarian, Vice President and President and know his high level of tolerance, integrity and honesty, have left no stone unturned to defame him. But even amid these false propaganda, lies, conspiracies and baseless allegations the former President always marches towards peace, harmony and progress and I know he will not waver from his path.

I listened to your comment about the Airbus issue and must say you stooped to the shameful extent of misinterpreting the report and accusing innocent persons of wrongdoing.

As the leader of the Ghanaian Parliament and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, the dignity of Parliament should be your main concern. Our country banks on its institutions for drawing together the ideas that adequately represents its people, and consequently, the nation. It is for this reason that the role of the respected house (Parliament), the primary institution that enables and strengthen this relationship between the state and its citizens, is indispensable to a representative democracy such as ours and that is also why we accord Parliamentarians the respect they deserve. It is the repository of the sovereign of the people.

It is indeed unfortunate, that the leader of the house and Minister of state, who is chiefly responsible for making Parliament run, will make that reckless, baseless and incitive statement on radio. Did the report mention the name of the former President? Did the report establish that the former president was bribed by Airbus? Did Parliament approve the purchase of planes? Did the report state that Airbus inflated cost of their product as a result of deals between Airbus and purchasers? Did the Mahama administration use agents and intermediaries in its dealings with Airbus? Is using of agents and intermediaries, part of Airbus’s transaction arrangements?

Hon, end your arrogant disdain for the former president and his appointees and immediately respond to the heartbreaking corruption allegations against your government that can no longer hide under the canopy of politics. We are aware of how your government and party are desperate to divert public attention from the administration’s abysmal performance, corruption, nepotism, reckless expenditure and failure to fulfill its promises. The fact that the President can only surround himself with persons openly indicted for corruption, as ministers, aides and advisers, speak volume of your administration’s posturing on corruption.

Hon, Ghanaians can now see through your shenanigans. Making unfounded allegations against Former president Mahama cannot cover your mess.

I want you and those like a cock placed in the middle of the sea, to mention the mistake or crime the former president committed relative to the Airbus transaction. After spewing your cooked propaganda, you told the host how President Mahama adhered to an advice you gave him in connection with the Chinese loan. Isn’t that interesting? Are you disgracing someone I consider your friend for political advantage?

Mr Mahama moves around with clean conscience. He did what any law abiding leader should do and I have no doubt that the truth will come out. Let me end by reiterating my earlier statement, raising false allegations and misinterpretation of the Airbus report on a public platform was/is the lowest point of political discourse that you stooped to the shameful extent of misquoting and misinterpreting the SFO deliberately.

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