Hon Etu-Bonde Secures Ghc250,000 Cash for Kintampo Mango Farmers

As part of his promises made to the people of his constituency, Hon Etu-Bonde Member of Parliament for Kintampo North Constituency on the ticket of the opposition National Democratic Congress has fulfilled one of his promises to fund mango farmers to enlarge their farm lands by buying more mango seedlings to plant in order to increase the yields of Mangoes in the vicinity into the market.

Mr Etu-Bonde


Hon Etu-Bonde known for his love for farming, has always motivated the people of Kintampo by impacting knowledge acquired through his profession as an agriculturalist to educate the people on how to use agriculture to turn the fortunes of Kintampo and Ghana as a whole. He is actually the brain behind the success of Tobacco plantation in Kintampo over the years and has in diverse ways made a lot of impact in terms of helping farmers to make a lot of money. In recent times, he secured a loan to help farmers who were willing to go into Cassava cropping for a project he is introducing in the constituency.

Already, there have been free ploughing of cassava farm lands for all the farmers who registered to be part of the project. Reports says, even though the farmers haven’t yet cultivated their first cassava for this project, Kintampo will become the largest producers of Cassava in due time as a result of the motivation they got from Hon Etu-Bonde.

Ghanapubliceye.com is told that, the Hon Member of Parliament for Kintampo North Kwasi Etu-Bonde has been able to secure a huge sum of money for mango farmers in Kintampo North constituency this time around. He actually arranged for Ghc250,000 for the farmers under SKY-3 for 2017 season crop. According to him, this is going to be done annually just to help the farmers cultivate more mangoes every season.

Source: Ghanapubliceye.com

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