Homebase TV Staff Set to Represent at 2024 African Film Festival and Seminar in London

In an official announcement made during a press conference in Lagos, Nigeria, Homebase Television Ltd revealed that three of its esteemed staff members will be representing the station at the upcoming 2024 African Film Festival and Seminar in London.

Sandra Odame Yeboah, a distinguished Reporter and Presenter at Homebase TV, will join the delegation. Known for her insightful coverage of various events, she is expected to provide a unique perspective on the festival’s proceedings.

Tony Kwabena Agyeman, the station’s skilled Cameraman and Editor, is set to capture and document the essence of the festival through his lens, ensuring that the audience gets a visual feast of the happenings at this prestigious cinematic event.

Adding a touch of creativity and expertise to the team, Sanusi Abdul Rahman, Producer and Director at Homebase TV, will contribute his wealth of experience to enhance the station’s involvement in the festival and seminar.

Homebase TV has long been recognized as one of Ghana’s leading television stations, gaining acclaim for its live event coverage and diverse content spanning political news, entertainment, relationships, business, sports, lifestyle, and technology.

As an official partner of the African Film Festival and Seminar, Homebase TV has demonstrated its commitment to promoting and celebrating African cinema. The two-day event, scheduled to take place on March 30th and 31st, 2024, in London, promises to be a gathering of industry experts, filmmakers, and enthusiasts from around the world.

The station’s decision to send a delegation underscores its dedication to expanding its global reach and engaging with diverse audiences. The Homebase TV team is poised to make significant contributions to the success of the 2024 African Film Festival and Seminar, solidifying the station’s standing as a key player in the media landscape, not only in Ghana but on the international stage.

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