HEY! ALHAJI! ALHAJI! ALHAJI!-Anthony Obeng Afrane

Abakade, sosket, laa ilaaha illallah! Kikikikikikiki, me nam na mititi mititi, me nam na mititi mititi. Eiiiii, Nsem wo world. Agyeeiii, today be today. News dey oo, news dey paa. Hehehehehe, I can see that some people are having itching ears, but don’t worry I will give you breaking news. Yaanom couldn’t do foko to Akofo, Sagiwa, I think say you people say you get two balls wey you no fear hu? Now you dey beg? Who say man no dey. Chai, this year, Ghana go sweet past honey.

As much as I love music, the lyrics of some songs make me shirty. A typical example is the song, “Hey, Alhaji; ” there is nothing meaningful in the lyrics of the song except “hey, Alhaji, Alhaji, Alhaji.” Another song which has irritating lyrics is “Hi,hi, hihi, kaikai. I had a very nasty experience with these songs, but before I come back to the subject, please permit me to digress a little bit.

Folks, you will recall that in one of my articles I told the story of my younger brother who is now a pastor, and the fact that when he was a baby would cry all-night requesting for fufu at midnight just to punish our mum. His pesky nature continued even when he was about 4 years and could talk well. Members of the family decided to ignore him anytime he cried. One night, he decided to do his usual thing, and when no-one complained, he asked amidst crying, “Haven’t you heard me crying?”

I love this young brother of mine, you dared not to fight him when he was about twelve years old. You may beat him up alright, but you can never have your peace, he will continue the fight till you surrender, and that is similar to what is happening to yaanom.

According to the rules of the Electoral Commission of Sika Krom, The substantive Chairman and General Secretary of political parties are those mandated to authenticate the nomination forms of a flagbearer, and not those in acting positions; this means that if Afoko, eii, sorry, Akofo is not reinstated as soon as possible, Opana will not be eligible to contest the 2016 election.
Yaanom, are therefore, extending an olive leaf in an effort to get Chairman Akofo withdraw the court case for him to be reinstated. But the man says walaahi, lie, lie, let the music play on, play on, play on.

Hehehehe, this is a pure case of an akan proverbial drum called Kwesi Anata Twini I most often talk about. It is believed that if the drum is beaten, one will lose the father, and if it’s not beaten, one’s mother will die; such is the predicament yaanom find themselves; If Akofo is not reinstated there will be trouble; if he is reinstated, agenda 2020 will be activated. Kikikikiki, unfortunately, Chairman AKofo has decided to hit the drum very hard!

So, it happened that yaanom were meeting in a certain house to find a solution to this difficult quagmire. I was passing by the house and decided to eavesdrop. I was then wearing a fugu. After listening to all their plans, I started whistling, “Hi, hi, hihi, Akofo is coming like kakai.”

They noticed my presence and got infuriated. Fraudie B. shouted, “Hey, Alhaji, Alhaji, Alhaji,” and with this, I was chased out with matchete, spears, axes, catapults, bows and arrows. I escaped by a hair’s breadth.

Anthony Obeng Afrane/

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