Have you ever seen a bust in its preferred attire, did Kwame Nkrumah ever wear brown attire? — Anyidoho blasts Haruna Iddrisu

26th July 2022

The leader of the Minority Caucus in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu is asking why the monument erected in honour of the late Prof. Mills is presented in brown attire.

He claimed he never saw the late President wearing brown apparel in his life.

“In any case, I never even saw professor Mills in that kind of brown attire,” he stated.

Speaking at a press conference today, Monday, July 25, the Minority Leader also raised concerns regarding the omission of the name of the late President on the bust — instructing government to correct it immediately.

“You should indicate the name of the person the bust represents and not who it was unveiled by and or who supported it. They should replace those inscriptions with the late President’s name immediately; it’s just unacceptable.

“We would have gone straight there to correct it ourselves if not for his (Atta Mills’) peaceful nature. People who come to Asomdwoe Park must know who the bust represents,” the Minority Leader asserted.

In reaction, Koku Anyidoho, the founder and CEO of the Atta Mills Institute questions whether he (Haruna Iddrisu) ever saw the country’s first President, Kwame Nkrumah dressed in brown attire.

He further challenged the Minority Leader in a series of tweets today cited by Modernghana News to show proof of a monument of a person wearing his/ her preferred attire.

“Did Kwame Nkrumah ever wear a brown attire? Someone should ask Haruna Iddrisu this question. He says he never saw President Atta-Mills in a brown attire. I can’t believe his high level of gross ignorance. Haruna Iddrisu never liked President Atta-Mills.

“Haruna Iddrisu should show us a Bust that is in colour that is his accepted colour beyond what is the standard colour,” he tweeted.

According to Mr. Anyidoho, who initially pledged not to respond to any negative comments about the renovation, the Tamale South Lawmaker’s behaviour is simply jealousy.

“Haruna Iddrisu should tell me which Bust, or statue, he has ever seen in his preferred colours. This jealousy and envy will not stop the nation from celebrating President Atta-Mills,” his tweets conclude.

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