Dr Hassan Ayariga the founder and leader of the APC party shall continue to be a strong advocate of social ,political and economic justice who principles is anchored on the core values of credible multi party democracy in accordance with globally accepted best practices.

Indeed the unfortunate and unfounded allegation leveled against his Excellency John Dramani Mahama and his brother by the opposition part NPP Bugri Nabu is not only absurd and unworthy but tantamount to undermining the integrity and honesty of the state .

I Dr Hassan Ayariga as a noble and patriotic citizen of the state and also the founder of the APC party wish to put on record that people who misconducted themselves by conniving condoning with the NPP especially my general Secretary and others were shown the exit under my watch. I believe the he who alleges must prove beyond every reasonable doubt before a competent court of jurisdiction hence the NPP leadership by Nana Akufu Ado should emulate same by sacking Mr Bugri Nabu to demonstrate to all Ghanaians that they equally stand for social justice devoid of unfounded grapevine propaganda. We the political parties are required to frown on unwarranted misconduct of our followers in other to give Ghanaians the needed peace for our collective development for the benefit of all. I look forward to the leadership of the NPP to emulate my example of uncompromising and incorruptible qualitative leadership .

Dr Hassan Ayariga once again without fear or favor challenges the NPP to sack Bugri Naba with immediate effect one of their own members of their corrupt administration who’s name was mentioned in their alleged corrupt allegations. Until the NPP sacks Bugri Naba they still remain a corrupt administration under Nana Akofu Addo.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga
APC Leader/Founder

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