What is happening around town? I couldn’t dream the whole of last week even though I could imagine a lot of activities taking place in the realm of the dreams I refused to dream.

Then yesterday, I took a gallant step into the dream world and it was impressive. I have missed nothing.

After the last piece, I left the president’s phone on charge in my dream house before waking up. I had cameras all over the house. Indeed, I needed to safeguard the phone that has become much of a target to many in-house and yaanom. If I should “lose guard”, even under these salivating individuals who have strong appetite for the phone, I cannot tell whether the phone would be snatched by an insider or an outsider.

I underestimated the megapixels of the camera. It could go far into the house of Opana and capture images from his sitting room.

Just when my boss said, and I will attempt to paraphrase that, I am ready to debate Nana Addo at anytime over certain contemptuous statements he has made, oyiwa, the camera captured his unpleasant looks. I could hear him murmuring, but only that I could not hear exactly what he was saying.

Then arh, I hear the 2012 flag bearer of the Progressive People’s Party saying he should not debate a weakling, but to come and debate him.

Well, I quickly picked the phone which is fully charged, and dialed his number in order to speak to him.

“Hello”, that was the response from his side of the line.

Hello Sir, is this Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom of PPP fame?

“Yes, this is him. How can I help you?”

Well, Dr. I thought you had my number since. No problem, this is John Mahama.

I quickly adjusted my voice to match that of my boss. I trust you are good sir.

“Yes, I am. Except that I heard you daring the flag bearer of the NPP to a debate. I said you should come and debate me”.

Very well, debate you in what capacity Sir? I asked him.

“As flag bearer of the PPP”, he replied.

Oh, really? Flag bearer for which elections if I may ask?

“Into the 20016 elections”, he replied.

How? You think we are joining right? Are you aware you are a walking illegality at this time holding yourself up as a flag bearer of the party into 2016? Massa, go and organize a Congress and win the mandate of the people, and come again.

“Look, look, look, aaa-me, me adwuma wura,….” I dropped the call as I sensed some danger.

Hehehehe, Akua Donkor paa. I quickly called her line as I gathered reports that she asked that she be allowed to debate the NPP flag bearer.

Hello, Omanpanyini, awwwww wafrɛ mɛ?

Yes ooo. I want to find out a few things ooo. How can you say I should leave Nana Addo for you to debate him? How?

“Omanpayini, na sɛ me ni no, yɛn meanu ɛyɛ opposition leaders. Enti me nɛ no bɛ tumi atwɛ paaa”. To wit, Mr. President, we are all opposition leaders and we can battle it out on that level.

Very well, you are both opposition leaders and you can engage each other on the same grounds. I think I will consider. I hastily added. I quickly dropped the line and made way to contact the Scottish president to confirm the award.

Heheheheh Doctor of Laws (LLD), without sitting in a law class. Oh ok. Not too long ago, he said the man had made “contemptuous” statements. Abi that be law term. But well, the long and short of it is that, the Scottish Prime Minister is pleased to invite the boss for an award of LLD.

All the grounds were set. I remember not too long ago, some of these yaanom were daring the president to state his position on gay rights in this country. When he went where it matters and made his position known, we would not have people applauding him. Could it be that their position is different from that of the president? I fear they would have accepted that abominable proposal to this import African country that is a beacon for many other African countries.

Well, this is a president who knows what his people want. I was thinking they would have withdrawn the award since it was schedule to happen after you had endorsed what slaps the face of dignity.

Then I asked, who ever passed a law to legalise the marriage between men and women? It was a natural law. Procreation is a Biblical matter. Why didn’t the same natural law allow people of same sex to marry, such that, it would have to take human beings to dignify such absurdity and utter madness?

If they had withdrawn that award, you would have returned home to a rousing and a heroic welcome from a tumultuous crowd that would not hesitate to award you DOCTOR OF HUMAN DIGNITY AND SUSTAINABILITY OF THE WAYS OF GOD.

Well, now that you have returned a lawyer or a pocket lawyer with an LLD, I beg Sir, will you represent at the next election petition as a lawyer who is lacing his shoes and belting his trousers to delve a retirement blow to Opana?

Sir, have you noticed something? They are almost succeeding in pushing Opana your contender to the background while projecting Bawumia to throw in some things for your attention.

As you have already posited, Opana must debate. I heard some group under the name THE PEOPLE’S FORUM or so, have accepted the challenge to provide a platform for the bout. E go sweet kɛɛɛɛɛɛkɛɛ.

Hmmmm, what a bad news. Jake, rest in peace, and to the bereaved family, God knows best what he does. Be strong and resolute for the falling hero.

…… be continued…….


What do you think?

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