Still what? I asked. He quickly reiterated “the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party”.

Are you sure that chair, you are sitting on top, or watching it from afar? I asked.

Oh, I said I am still the Chairman. Whether sitting on it or standing by it, I remain the man of the chair. He added.

Ok ooo, na you go sabi talk your matter. But, I heard you have imported some cars, Nissan hard body numbering 285 in a garage here in Accra. Yes I have, he replied.

I have imported cars to aid in the campaign for 2016. Abi you know I told you we are taking the seat from you come 2016 with hard work, he poignantly stated.

I also heard you have equally purchased and imported into the country, some 500 motorbikes. Do you intend running an Okada business in this country? I hope you know is illegal, I posited.

Oh, how. I could not do an illegal business. These are motorbikes indeed I imported just as the cars to enable us prosecute an effective campaign. These cars and bikes were paid for by myself and I am completely taken aback when one of the allegations against me bothers on lies that I was preparing to work against the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo’s bid to be president. He revealed.

You wouldn’t listen. You wouldn’t even learn. You do not  belong to party. I can promise you of a rousing welcome home if you so wish. I know the NDC would better make a comfortable home than where you are and currently acting like a political orphan. Paul, come home and help me secure a second term victory.

But,  what exactly has brought about this unnecessary attemp and haunt on you? I asked.

My brother, you know I am the leader for the NPP. You know as a leader, I would stand to take the blame or everything, should we lose the 2016. Yes! I know perfectly, he said.

So, why must I keep quiet when people who have no responsibility to the party in terms of obligations are running the party’s funds without the use of structures outlined? He said.

If you notice how Mac Manu and Jake Obitsebi were chased out for failing to secure victory for the NPP in the previous conferences, you would have no difficulties understanding my position.

At that time, no one bothered to look at how the campaign was prosecuted from the camp of our flag bearer. He virtually tied the hands of the party executives and in their stead, organised a family and friends campaign headed by Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, sidestepping elected officials.

In the end, those who were supposed to be blamed, are still close to him, while elected executives who were not involved in the campaigns and the eventual lose have been basterdized without reason and have been sent distance away from Akufo-Addo.

I do not want such a thing to happen to me. Even if I would take any such, I would love to run the campaign and be in charge. That way, I can take full responsibility for a lose or a win. He narrated.

Now that you are not completely in and viewing from a distance with a contact lens, are you seeing victory coming? I asked.

You see, I would have loved to keep quiet over this. Even though I insist am still the man on the chair, I understand some people were dismissed for standing by me over the treatment being meted out to me. What are we seeking to achieve by dismissing assured votes that guarantees our victory while banking hopes on votes we are not assured? He asked.

Well, that is your palaver. As for me, I know someone has been spearheading some rabbit conferences every other week in the name of chairman. Massa, you have been dislodged as I did an elephant on the power barge yesterday.

Arrhhh, be there. I am doing everything humanly possible to take back my seat. No one can exclude me from performing my duty. Disregard any actions purported to be coming from the Chairman’s office that is not sanctioned by me.

We are a country governed by laws and I shall ensure the laws are applied to the latter. He said. But, Paul, I heard someone say all of these is happening because you refused to pay constant visit to Opana’s house to pay homage. I pointed out.

What nonsense. Was I elected to be a visiting chairman or a working chairman? Did we elect a flag bearer or a chief or an “ayiforo” to be visiting?

Look, all these came about because I noticed some strange operations of party funds which I………..  Oppppsss bad time. The line had dropped.

…… be continued……….


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Nana Addo’s leadership has brought nightmares to NPP – Bature