After my dream on Thursday which was narrated on Friday, I had a hint that the Karpowership had docked near Cote d’ Ivory. As president, I needed to dispatch my men to keep watch over the long awaited power barge which some doubted was coming.

Scratching my head, it was difficult recalling everything since I wasn’t the president then nor coming close to be one as is the case today on pretence for handling the president’s phone.

When “I” placed the contract, they said it was a lie. Then they contacted the manufacturers. Initially, they reported that the said company does not even manufacture power barges.

Then later, even when journalists were sent with my “wife” Lordina to commission it to enable it set sail, they reported the ship had no fuel to power it to Ghana.

On the day of the inauguration, they could have cleared some ignorance by understanding how the barge would journey to Ghana. Unknown to them, the powership is not to sail on its own, but to be aided by boats of high performance engines.

The doubts persisted even to the day it was reported the ship had made a stop in the Ivorian territorial waters. What a country I have to manage where a section even doubt their own instincts.

Taking experience from the past, I quickly located Belinda Yesutor Adedevor to keep watch at Tema, specifically on the grounds prepared for the ship for final installation. I need to safeguard the interest of the Ghanaian in these difficult times.

I joined her later after putting security spots along the coast all the way from Tema to Cote d’ Ivory.

While waiting for the ship, I noticed something strange. The ship was shaking on the high seas upon arrival at the Tema port. I quickly asked one of the engineers to aid in identifying the cause of the shaking of the ship.

Lo and behold, it was an elephant, in fact a huge one at that, that had found its way onto the ship and was shaking its body from a sensitive corner of the ship.

The motive was obvious. It had wanted to sink the barge to aggregate the energy crises the country is going through. What is the interest of this elephant in all of these? I asked Belinda.

“Mr President, you don’t mean you have no idea what this means” she added. Really, I can’t imagine my dear. Where did I or I mean, where did we go wrong as a nation I asked again.

“Boss, the only hopes of the elephant family is dumsor dumsor. That is what they dance over. If you stop this music, what tune do you expect them to dance to?” she added.

Oh oh oh oh oh! Ooooh so all these is because of political power? So the interest of the Ghanaian never matter in their scheme of things? I cannot believe this.

I ordered for additional hands and within a couple of minutes, the elephant was dislodged and thrown into the sea. Nonsense, swim back onto the ship, I added.

The men embarked on an all-corner search since it beat the imagination of all how an elephant could make its way onto the ship without notice.

The search took the men to every opening in the ship. Just when almost all the men reported of having finished, one of them shouted rabbit! rabbit! rabbit!

A raid was organized almost immediately and in no time, the rabbit was ransacked and arrested alive. Having heard of the delicious nature of rabbit meat, I ordered that it be slaughtered and pepper soup arranged for me almost immediately.

Then I had my phone rang. It was “Chairman” or “ex Chairman” Afoko on the line. I have held on for so long without hearing you speak so I hanged up and decided to call back, he said.

As a matter of fact, I had even forgotten he was online due to the pressing nature of energy for my people. Chairman! chairman! I cried out.

Are you the former or current chairman of your disintegrated party? I asked. But I told you I am still……… the line truncated again.

……. To be continued……


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