While I kept crying out hello hello thinking Opana was on line, I could hear the sound of a line dropped. Kpiiim kpiiiiiiiiiim kpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim. It appears the call was terminated with anger.

I think I have muddied the waters of the rabbits. However, I will call back at the appropriate time provided the phone remains with me till such a time that I decide to do so.

Even if I should meet the president and hand over the phone peacefully, I would remind him to call Opana for further enlightenment.

But, if he decides to send the National Security to come after me because the phone had taken too long with me, hehehee I will leave the phone at 37 and take to my heels.

Just when I hanged up, oh sorry, just when Opana angrily hanged up the call, my phone started ringing. This time round, it was a foreign number. In fact, it was the Chinese president.

Yes, how do you do? I greeted. How do you do too Yuan (his version of John) he responded.

How’s Ghana today? He asked. Well, Ghana is good except that the Chinese Development Bank (CDB) loan you promised and failed had cause the people of Volta Region to live with unacceptable road conditions. I told him.

Oh, I apologize for that. You know, we consider you as partners in this business of development and that we shall always stand by. He noted.

You mean partners to the extent that we allow your citizens to engage in galamsey in this country without exporting them back to you? I asked.

Oh, not at all. I will try with my government, to put something together for your country. A package that would help better.  He said.

How? I am talking of the difficulties we have had with one major project – the Eastern Corridor road based on the promise you gave us of constant cash flow.

As it stands now, yes, we are doing everything possible to put that road in proper shape. From the Asikumah Junction, work is steadily underway. The Jasikan – Dodi Pepesu stretch is on contract. The northern sector of the road is being worked on. You know this remains one of the longest stretches that links the capital city to the Norther Region. You have frustrated this government. I told him.

So why are you calling today sir? Oh, I want you to grant free pass to our citizens into your country for greener pastures. He pointed out. Ooooh, that is the reason you are calling. Look, you are seeking greener pastures? Such as galamsey? Like joke like joke? I posited.

What jobs are my citizens doing in your country? Okay, to cut it short, just list the names of my citizen immigrants and the work they do in your country and I shall spearhead a commensurate position  for yours.

Man kept quiet without a word. Hello, hello, I cried out from experience. Then I heard him whisper something in Chinese and hanged up.

Eekikimi, evabratimi, eekikimi, timkololom, evabratimi, the man had hanged up. Look, my country is not a dumping ground for just anything and everything, I said to myself.

As a matter of fact, I am committed to putting Ghanaians in the lead and I would urge all Ghanaians to build capacity for the tasks ahead.

Then, just after he hanged up, hehehee chairman has called. Initially, I didn’t notice he was the one as I picked the call without looking on the screen. It was Paul Afoko the elected and haunted chairman.

Eeeeiii my brother, how are you? He asked. Because of his deep voice, I was able to figure him out almost immediately.

Boss,  where are you? Can I still address you as chairman as I used to call you after you won your primaries?

Oh yes, I am still……….

Ops, the line isn’t too clear.

……….. To be continue………..


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