So it’s already four years since the passing of a gentle and a humble soul Professor J.E.A. Mills. How time flies! Oh! How it was that the weather would never miss an opportunity of reminding us of its nature on that day the 24th of July 2012.

Hmmmmm, quite a tough moment remembering this man; a man who had caused tears to flow from people he never related to, a man who had touched lives from across the world, a man who mentored many from a distance, a man who created and provided opportunities.

This was a man who gave a new meaning to several things in life. At the time he gained his professorial status, he could have also chosen to scare us with beard. Yet, he chose to keep it simply and made the status not such a detached sphere for young men.

This was a man who had power. He could have chosen to disrespect any soul because he had achieved the highest status of the land, yet remained very simple and humble.

This was a man who had power to apply. We always think abiding by constitutional dictates means everyone would be free. We don’t seem to know constitutional dictates could be misapplied. He had such powers, but remained companionate. He never ceased pleading mercy in place of showing power. 

At his age, he could have chosen to surround himself with folks of his age; but Prof was not like that. He chose to bring the young closer, and the old folks close. He bonded them together and provided the opportunity and space for mentorship. Today, the young men and women he brought closer to him are managing the state. They have become matured.

This was a political strategist who knows what to do at what time. He brought a vice presidential candidate at the right time who later became president of the republic. He was visionary, a mentor; he created men for the nation.

This was a God fearing man who never mince an opportunity to extol his unflinching believe in the power of God. A man who placed God above himself. He committed a nation into the hands of God and allowed Him to lead him at all times.

This was a diplomat who would never go with business as usual. He managed to resolve conflicts that others including his local opponents wish he did with guns. He had the powers to deploy the Air force, Army, Navy to go utilize their military and combatant skills, but chose means that satisfied both parties involved in a conflict.

Here was a man who loved everyone. He never would start and complete a statement without his usual and famous mantra: “my brothers and sisters.” That voice resonates. He spearheaded a campaign dubbed FATHER FOR ALL, and he lived it. He did his best to unite this country even though some would not allow completely. 

This was a man who initiated a political campaign strategy never witnessed before ‘door-to-door.’ He touched base with the people. He exchanged his numbers with the people and picked their calls when they do call. He executed the campaign and won. 

Here was a man who was truthful to the core. He knew the people had great expectations. He knew he could not disappoint them. But, he knew he had to manage their expectations. He brought the reality to them even before he decided to “hit the ground running”.

Here was a man classified by his opponent as “professor do little”, but whose works established development never witnessed before after his demise. He achieved in the sector of education. He set out to eradicate schools under trees. In the area of health, he set out to bring healthcare to the door steps of the people. On economy, he achieved single digit inflation in records never before. 

Here was a man who lived it all and knew it all. He was a disciplinarian who believed in the rule of law. He was a lawyer who knew what it means to disrespect the laws. He taught the law and lived the law. He was a law Professor!

Man! you made it. He made it possible for NDC to achieve a status we see today. Here was a man many would never want to assume would belong to the NDC, yet he was. He demystified every place he was. He made it simple for others to aspire to be like him. He related with the ordinary, and lived ordinarily.

Here was a man of peace winning him the accolade ASUMDWEHENE. He lived peacefully with his neighbors and died on a silent sunless day. His demise was taken with much pain and disbelieve as he was declared dead many times before the right time for God.

I know the president of the Republic has never watched this day pass without grief. Sir, I share your pain. You were a partner to his records. He gave you the opportunity, and gave you to Ghana. He knew what he saw in you. He knew what you would accomplish in his absence. I know he would feel justified for leaving his legacy in your hands.

You have soldiered on with his records. You have adopted his disposition, you have lived his dreams. You have solidified his legacies, you gave him a befitting burial per our history as we have never witnessed a sitting president passed on. Well done sir! You are a blessed son.

Prof., you are a gem! You were given! You lived! You accomplished! You died! You are celebrated even as we mourn! May God be with you! We will forever hold you dear in our to HEARTS!


What do you think?

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