Just when the call dropped between Chairman or ex-chairman Afoko, Maame Lordina called and thought it was the husband.

Well, with the phone in my hands, I was as good as the husband.

Yes darling! How are you doing? Am good. I responded. Honey, what time are you coming home? I will be home in the next two hours as I seem to have cleared a couple of issues on my table.

In fact, I have caused to be compiled, a list of my ministers. I would embarked on a reshuffle soon and I need to clear my mind on issues lingering.

Meanwhile, I have dispatched a confidante to the house to deliver a rabbit for my evening meal. Kindly invoke some acutruments and covert the meat into some naturally spiced pepper soup. I told her.

Oh ok darling! I will gladly do that for you anytime. Muaaah! Love yoooouuu! Take care, she added joyously.

Before stepping out of the office, I caused an audit in the list I provided to my secretary to compile for a released on the effects I intended causing in my government.

I made my way to the house in anticipation that my rabbit paper soup would be ready by the time I arrived.

Considering the fact that the time would be too early getting home at the time which would require waiting over for the soup,  I decided to pick a taxi and to go around town to observe for myself the temperature of Ghanaians as Christmas approaches.

I must admit that I disguised myself a bit just so I would not be spotted in town, perhaps, for fear that some identified security men in search of the president’s phone would chance upon me and give me the beatings of my life.

I directed the taxi driver to drive me straight through Accra Central to enable me feel the temperature. I must confess that the city is getting busy. The city is picking up with business activities.

But, one thing that baffled me was the fact that, my country men and women have virtually taken over the roads and have made vehicular traffic movement very unbearable.

Eventually, when I approached the Okaishie area, I felt sad how my people had power generators with their associated noises. While these costed them money, it is constantly causing some form of damage to their ear drums.

I observed quietly and continued my movement with the taxi driver. Please, take me to Kwame Nkrumah Circle to enable me ascertain progress of work on the 3-tier interchange.

Within the next couple of minutes, I was taken to Circle. Indeed, since the opening of the first phase of the project to traffic, this is the first time I am coming to the facility. I am satisfied with the progress of work and I believe very soon, the plight of the users of that stretch would be over.

As part of the project, a fire station would be built, a police station would be constructed, and the lorry station would be constructed to befit the status of the interchange.

I had earlier had knowledge of the asphaltic overlay from the SSNIT Industrial Area branch toward Kaneshie roundabout. I decided to move towards that area and lo and be hold, that stretch of the road had been virtually completed.

This is a commitment by my government to change the face of the city in relation to its road networks. I know of the Starwin-STC stretch that had been asphalted. I know of the Adabraka Glico-Graphic stretch, the Joy FM Junction-Mamobi stretch, the 37 stretch, the West Airport roads. My commitment to Transforming the face of the capital city would be sustained even in my second term.

I asked the driver to take me towards my place of abode. Just as we arrived in the vicinity, I alighted, paid the driver, and then continued the rest of the journey on foot. My preoccupation now is on how to get home and finish my rabbit soup.

…… To be continued…….


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