I returned to my dreams yesterday and picked the phone I left on charge the last time. How to step into the realm of the living with the phone is something I am thinking about.

That would be nice. Meaning I could use the phone in real life as well as in my dreams. Especially so, that I have the express permission of the president, to handle his phone and told feel free to use it as though he is the one using it.

But, I have one fear. Hehehehe, too many people are targeting the phone. I will become a subject for robbery or worse still, a subject for acid attack as yaanom are not comfortable with the slow punches being delved.

Not only that, my own comrades are indeed targeting the device ooo. Anytime I remove my local cassava phone, they peep to see if the phone appears presidential. Am sure I would have been ambushed in times past if my phone had appeared presidential.

I need advise. Should I bring the phone in real life, or keep it in the dreams? Meanwhile, that transition is beyond me. I can only pray it magically appear so, that one day, while typing in my dreams, I would fall asleep and then wake up in reality and have the phone in my hands. Spare me mehn.

Eherr, the president was in the Volta Region over the past week where he sought to correct some erroneous impressions. Upon picking the phone, there was a message from one good friend. This was his message “why bite the old man? Why you talk say he no do anything for Volta?”

Permit me, I had to also write in pidgin English to show solidarity with the message. “Oooh, I talk so? I no talk so. What I talk be say, anything in the region worth mentioning, was done by the NDC from Jerry Rawlings time through Prof. Mills time and now me. Then I talk again say, dem had 8 years. And only proceeded to ask say, what have they done? And then asked that dem tell us what they did for the region. This one na matter? ”

Then he proceeds, “but what make you ask say make dem show you what they did in 8 years?”

In response, “dem dey roam for the region dey talk say we have neglected them even though they have religiously had faith with the NDC wey dem dey vote us every election year. Now dem find new strategy. Dem dey organize people for one demonstration or the other wey dem dey pretend say dem bi NDC members who are fed up with our neglect”.

“You see, eno bi say we have resolved all problems of the region. To mention a few projects, 15 of the Community Day Senior High Schools are being constructed in the region and at various stages of completion. Abi recently, the Nkwanta South one, I commission am. Another one for Chindere in the Krachi Nchumuru District is ready. A Pharmacists school is sited in our stronghold”.

“That no be all, the Eastern Corridor road, we dey construct am. We had some challenges with the Chinese Development Bank (CDB) loan. A greater chunk of that facility was earmarked for the project. But, since that failed us, we had no option than to look within for funding for the project. That road remains a strategic route linking the southern part of Ghana to the north through the Eastern belt. As with government of Ghana funded projects, some of these challenges are expected. However, I must confess, the progress of work so far is amazing”.

“I no finish yet, let me add just one more, we have provided the Volta Region with an ultramodern brand new university, the University of Health and Allied Sciences. The provision of water, eradication of schools under trees, the construction of other road networks to mention a few, are ongoing. These were the tangible products I was asking for. I wish I could go on and on and on. Don’t worry, the right opportunity go present itself then I go talk more”.

“Meanwhile, make I add one. In the monkey achievements book dubbed positive change, dem missed one great monkey sanctuary in Ghana, the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary in the Volta Region but were able to capture the Feama Monkey Sanctuary. Massa, make me leave am for here”.

Then as the president moved to the Western Region from the Ashanti Region on his accounting to the people tour, I realise the enthusiasm with which he was met by the people.

I saw my boss in some smart selfies with the ordinary people. Well, an ordinary president in the midst of ordinary people with picture honours. Look at him, even helping some of the people to position their cameras for better shots.

The personality is just appealing. I got images of those pictures through his WhatsApp. All I did was to smile. With a picture opportunity with the Vice President of the Republic Mr. Amissah Arthur, it was fulfilling. How much more with the number one? He knows how to endear himself into the hearts of the people. Ordinary president, ordinary people, genuine love, genuine votes.

Then one significant thing occurred in the Western Region when one of the chiefs virtually lashed at the president with accusations on some of his appointees for influencing the relocation of the gas plant to Atuabo with some undertones.

In response, the president stated emphatically, that, the sighting of the project at Atuabo was out of feasibility report. Indeed, 20 kilometres of gas pipeline is not a joke. It prolongs the time of completion of a project, as well as increases the cost of the project.

To allay all speculations, the president was emphatic and I quote “….I can’t tell the difference between an Elembele person and a Jomoro person. You are the same people, you speak the same language, you eat the same food, you dance the same dances and so nobody, nobody will every try to disadvantage Jomoro. And, Nana, Awulai, development is a process, is not and event. That whole gas enclave and oil development is a major project. It doesn’t include only the gas project. It has a power pack and it also has the natural gas liquid export facility. And so in the feasibility study that we have done, the natural gas liquid facility is supposed to be here in Bonyire. And the power pack with the power plant to use the gas is supposed to in Domuli. The feasibility study has been completed. Government has spent money and done the feasibility study and we have paid for the feasibility study. We would not pay for the feasibility study if we do not intend to carry out the project. And so please, the people of Jomoro, rest assured that, I am a strong advocate for you and that we will complete the project and the facilities that should be located in Jomoro will be located in Jomoro”.

That is the president. He knows what to say and at what time. I clearly picked signals that asphalt, which hitherto, were only seen in some parts of the city, have been deployed massively and the Western Region has not been left out. The Ayamfuri road that no one thought could ever be constructed, is receiving massive road engineering works. The asphalt president making his presence felt everwhere. Under his government, every District from across the country, has a government of Ghana project to show; either completed or ongoing.

The commissioning of the Takoradi Polytechnic into Takoradi Technical University marking the conversion of polytechnics across the country into Technical Universities is a major feet chalked.

This was a campaign promise made to the good people of Ghana ahead of the 2012 elections. With his vision, he did not rush to implement a political promise in a political manner for populism. Rather, he assembled experts who looked into the concept and developed criteria for qualification and conversion. Six have so far met the criteria with the remaining four undergoing various capacity building for conversion.

This a president who looks into the future. He cares about quality. He cares about the future of Ghana more than just popularity. His long term vision and foresight remain his greatest strength. Above all, he is able to relate so well with his ordinary people. Children, adults, pastors, chiefs, and the ordinary people are just his natural friends. Continuity with the right person with the right character, and with the pedigree to guarantee you freedom of expression must not be traded for TRY ME TOO experimentation.

…….to be continued……


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