Last week was an interesting week, and even more interesting was the previous week. I was eager to enter my dreams and carry the president’s phone and to see what was happening.

However, the more I tried, the more difficult it was to reach out to the phone because the dreams had refused to come. It was until yesterday, that I managed to defy the denial and took a leap into my dreams.

I realised that, for nearly two weeks since I left the phone, the messages delivered to the phone would require two weeks to read. So what I did was to scan through and to ascertain events of the past weeks.

That not withstanding, most of the messages were centered around the South African 3 that were smuggled into the country under the pretext of doing business.

While some referred to them as mercenaries, others said they were snippers, others also classified them as terrorists.

Well, I don’t know what to say, but, all I know is that, some three illegal migrants, illegal because, they were doing what they did not enter this country for, had been busted by the abled security of the country.

It was established, that, they were training some members of the New Patriotic Party in military drills including weapon handling, unarmed combart, crowd control among others.

Well, some materials were also found on them including some profiling documents on some staff of STL.

What was of much interest was that, STL was brought into this country under the NPP. This same company was accused of intercepting and changing election figures for onward forwarding to the Electoral Commission in the 2012 elections, an act that was calculated to make STL a contributory institution that made the NPP lost the elections. What the profiling was meant to achieve, is a matter of interest to me.

I couldn’t laugh reading one particular message from a colleague. This was it, “Sir, why is Opana and his people shifting goals posts from one position to the other on this matter?”

In response, I wrote back, “well, I think they were caught pants down. They never knew this was coming. They had no idea their “mercenaries” would be busted. They have had no contact with them after they were apprehended, hence no idea what next they would say”.

That could have accounted for the incohenrence and illogical arguments that kept shifting. While Perry Okudzeto was denying knowledge of their linkage to the NPP on one network, Sammy Awuku was admitting the NPPs engagement of these people on another network.

Then, one rediculous position was an attempt to justify their importation to the admission of the Gitmo 2 into Ghana. Let’s assume they were right, were they not the same people who lambasted government over accepting to bring these 3? How on earth do they expect to be praised for this conduct?

In any case, the government of Ghana has the powers to engage in policies with other countries on behalf of the people of Ghana. Even individuals who were transferred on government to government terms, they condemned. Indeed, the animal farm tendences as were sighted by George Orwell in his book, “The Animal Farm”, was what the NPP played on the people of Ghana. “Two no good, but three are good”.

The long and short of it is that, we do not want any wahala. We have deported the “mercenaries” back to their country. We can have some peace of mind. We cannot be building tension heading into the elections.

Then I saw images of an unfortunate event at Kade. Irate NDC youth burnt down party office. That was indeed unacceptable, and, I am glad the NDC leadership in its entirety had condemned the act and called in the police to deal with who ever is involved. That is the difference. When you have a chairman of a party who refused to tender himself at a police station upon complaints of squandering party funds, This condemnation stands tall.

When you have a party that would storm the police station to demand the release of a member of parliament who called for the annihilation of a particular tribe, then this condemnation stands tall.

I must stress the point, those who have worked for the NDC are many. It is not all who can be satisfied. No single individual had made the victory of the NDC. It took the collective efforts to do that.

Apart from the boss who was voted for, and assured a four year mandate which can be truncated under certain circumstances, no one else has a fixed tenure. Let us understand one thing, we are the NDC and the NDC is us.

While we allow the police to deal with that matter and punish those who must be punished, let’s keep the momentum high. The I Choose JM brand was launched. Another, Young Professionals is about to be launched. Keep the fire burning. The enthusiasm we had in 2012 must be rekindled. Well shall overcome.

….to be continued……
Peace be onto you.


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