So I set off to town to look at the progress of some of the major investments my government is making in the capital city as well.

Having made a commitment to the people to change lives while transforming Ghana, it was onerous to ensure that investments are directed where they must be.

I took a drive personally to the Legon Teaching Hospital to have an appreciation of the progress of work on the huge 617-bed hospital. On my way, an old time local tune we used to sing sitting around with the old lady many years ago, hit my mind. Kro kro kro kro, hi hi hi hi, kro hi kro hi kro kro kro, hi hi, kro hi kro, kro hi kro… oooo who is this with a personal WhatsApp message?

There is even no name registered. What is this long message about self? I opened the message and it contained some questions. The questions were 4 and here they are: “1. Nana Addo says Ghana is in crises, what do you say? 2. He also says you built only 4 schools in 4 years, is it true? 3. He says he will make sure production is projected in Ghana, meanwhile, his running mate says they will reduce import duties, how do you take that? 5. Finally, he says he will accept defeat IF the elections are free and fair, what’s your take?”. And these message was signed off by Ohemaa Ama Sika.

Well, I have deliberately attempted to stay away from discussing the so called true state of the nation address given by Mr Akufo-Addo. Not because it would not be appropriate, but because, the entire event was crafted with lies and personal attacks as well as calculated promises to obfuscate the people, and I did not find it expedient to make that event popular.

However, I got snipers of similar questions continuously and I think it is appropriate to clear the air on the specific questions sent to me.

First of all, if he says Ghana is in crises, I would have wished to ask what level of crises Ghana is in at this time. But, upon a second thought, I have reasons to believe what he posited. To him, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) represents Ghana. That is what could account for their use of “Ghanaians says this or that”. They have always made Ghana a property of the NPP. To them, they own Ghana and no one else does. So, if the NPP had been under crises of acid baths, stabbing, fighting as recent as three days ago in Kumasi, why won’t he say Ghana is in crises since to him, they represent Ghana?

If truth would lead him, he would realise that, the most popular party in this country remains the National Democratic Congress (NDC). At least, this was scientifically tested at the polls in 2012, and his refusal to admit this is a matter left to his own conscience. However, the more he continues to live in that paradise, the better it would serve his interest and that of his followers who are only worshipping him rather than telling him the truth.

On the issue on the number of schools I built in four years, I can understand the challenges he has. As a matter of fact, I have not done four years as president elected in 2012. I have just entered my 4th year and it is appropriate to draw the link. We have awarded contracts for the construction of 123 Community Day Schools across the country. All these buildings are at various stages of completion.

Before I proceed, let me say, 4 schools in his so called 4 years is a massive achievement under my government compared to their 8 uninterrupted years. They were not able to build single ONE of a secondary school in this country. Even when they selected a school each in a District to upgrade to model schools, only 22 or so were they able to do in 8 years. It takes a man who has no shame, to, in this instance, have the temerity to question these achievements so far.

Let me assure you, more schools would be commissioned in the nearest future and I will expect him to begin campaigning for me by telling the people the number of these schools I would have commissioned before long. One is almost ready at Chinery a community in the Krachi Ntsumuru District for commissioning. At least, pictures have been available and there are many of such.

On the issue of the 3rd question, I shudder to say, that, the flag bearer and his running mate are both confused as the word itself. How do you reduce duties on importation and still expect local industries to grow? Who would bother to go producing when the cost of importing would be lower than the cost of producing locally? How logical are these two statements?

We have made efforts to protect local production by ensuring higher import duties on goods that are produced here. To this end, we have managed to increase the local production of rice as well as increasing the production of local poultry products. Tell me how bad this is. Indeed, we have made a larger intervention in the pharmaceutical industry. I admit is not enough, but, what good would the option they are proposing do for this country? We will collapse this country in no time.

Mr Akufo-Addo giving another condition for accepting defeat in 2016? Well, I could not be surprised. If you set your minds back, you would remember on the podium provided under the auspices of the Otuomfour Osei Tutu where we were to pledge our commitment to peace towards the 2012 elections. A reflection would reveal how conditional he was. So this comes as no surprise.

I have known him long before now. We worked together in parliament and I have studied him more than enough. Over these years, he only accepts results that he wins. There is nothing surprising at his recent condition. Not too long ago, he proceeded to court to challenge the results of 2012 when he lost elections in all the chains.

Up to today, he still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that he lost the elections. His final comments on the day of the verdict reveals his nature. He stated how he disagreed with the ruling but had no option than to accept it.

He was equally in court in 2008 even on public a holiday to stop the Electoral Commission from declaring Professor Mills winner of the 2008 elections.

As for my accepting election results of 2016, I have every confidence that I will get the mandate of the people of Ghana for a second term. However, I don’t see this election as an “all die by die” or an “at all costs” affair. If on the other hand, Ghanaians feel they would want to give their mandate to another candidate, I will accept the results and walk away from the stage proud and happy. My records would stay on. The legacy projects, all the commitments would stay on for long.

Ooops who is calling…..

………To be continued……


What do you think?

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