Well well well, after all, all hope is not lost in the Ghanaian economy. To the extent that Ghanaians are seen to be wealthy, to the extent that they are being relied upon for campaign funds, to the extent that they believe in the Ghanaian of today to rescue the party from its financial quagmire, my boss has not performed poorly.

Yes, i was able to switch the dream into reality. What happened was, i was typing in my dream on the President’s phone when i fell asleep. Unknown to me, i placed the phone in my pocket only to realise it was with me when i woke up. Hehehe, this exercise will be sweet.

As i expressed the last time, i fear my own people will be haunting me for this phone. There are those who would want to use the phone to call DVLA, Passport Office, the various Ministries, Embassies, and what have you, to command favours.

But, who says i have no needs to abuse the phone with? In search of a passport currently, i could just command the passport office for that! But, circumspection, building systems as well as respect for others is what is of much interest.

To this end, as i handle this phone in reality, i would have to acquire a private jet that would always take me to the top of a baobab tree in my village to hide the phone each day am done using it. At least, back there, there would be no “eye-red” people.

Yes, back to the substantive matter. There were choices to be made, and a choice was made. While one was to speak on security and liberty in the wake of the expatriation of the South African 3 to their shock, surprise and disappointed, and more especially to the memory of F. Ayim, the other was on material gains – raise funds to run a campaign.

The former was postponed while the latter was embraced without any other considerations. Hehehehee who would have thought the other was an option? Then you don’t know Opana well.

I read he launched some cards and i saw some Ghc20 worth of credit. To my understanding, half of any amount on these cards loaded would go into financing the NPP.

While everyone is free to mobilise resources legally, smart moves that could swindle unsuspecting Ghanaians must be met with resistance. What levels of education was done?

These few questions would require answers. How would these cards be sold? Would they be located at only NPP offices? Would card buyers, in cases where these cards would be in the open market, be informed about the implications of buying the NPP branded cards since they are likely to assume it to be all about colours and nothing more?

What would be the implications of sending these cards into the hinterlands where access to information on the effects of buying such cards is virtually non existent? These must be measured adequately to ensure we don’t create a chaotic situation where citizens would protest losing credit without Knowledge of the implications of buying those cards.

Then one funny argument keeps rearing its head when you raise issues of accountability. It makes one wonder why a public political party would want to be treated as a private entity. Even private organizations do no operate in a vacuum. Once they operate within a state, they are answerable to the state and a political party is not exempted from this public scrutiny.

Ahead of the 2012 elections, they launched a similar crusade where people were asked to text to a specific number to contribute Ghc1 per text. Even that, it emerged that some individuals were thanked for contributing when they had not sent any messages to contribute to the 2012 campaign.

Four years down lane, no account has been rendered. Nobody knows how much was collected and how much was spent on what and what is left. This left a major room for the “political entrepreneurs” to line their pockets adequately.

For anyone to assume the need to forget about that and focus on another fund raising into another election, could best be described as irresponsible. If you can hold a president accountable but cannot hold someone who wants to be a president accountable, then you have no business wanting to be president.

If you fail to account to 5 million voters, we cannot be made to hope that you would be accountable to 25 million people. Get your acts together. This is not a private entity. What is interesting remains the fact that it is NPP members who are demanding accountability from their party leadership.

Well, another security issue was exposed over the past week. The USA Ambassador had revealed that he was indeed consulted ahead of the coming of the Guantanamo 2. This came in the wake of blatant denial of fore knowledge on these people.

Then the arguments started shifting. They started asking for definition of consulted, and in its place, claimed he was spoken to. What is the difference? Consultation does not necessarily mean the subject must respond. We consult objects too. I can say i consulted the dictionary, the book, etc. Just as i could say i consulted a lawyer or a doctor.

Whereas in the case of human beings one is expecting a response, in consulting objects, one cannot be expecting a response verbally. There appears to be no difference between consulting and spoken to in this context. To this end, one can conclude that consulted or spoken to, is dukadaya.

He was aware contrary to his strong denial of knowledge about their coming even though his refusal or acceptance would have made no difference. What is of significance is that, he lied about this and that is bad enough.

I have always known him to dance around for political gains, but, lies and leadership are worlds apart. Some who claim he expressed disagreement at that meeting are just adding up to the known acrobatics of the NPP. They have no permanent goal posts when holding them to discussions.

Indeed, you don’t attempt to discuss principles with unprincipled men. Measure their inconsistencies here “Gitmo 2 bad, SA 3 good”. Ladies and gentlemen, your have a president you can always trust in JM.

Ooooo, who is calling the line?

……………to be continued…………


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