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Today, I want to present the evil saints of Ghana’s politics to you. Today, as the battle to gain political power rages on, we must make every effort to reveal the unknown and or perhaps, the forgotten truths to all of you. I know we have had challenges. Challenges that results in adults closing their eyes to what had been bad in the past and by so doing, refusing to pass same news to the young folks whom today may see the evil doers as saints, while those who are making efforts at improving their lots as evil.

Not too long ago, a certain government was in power from the stock of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). I have made it a significant point to desist from wasting time on that party and from inadvertently marketing that stock of super blooded humans. But for this issue, as much as I tried to leave the name of that party, it remained unsuccessful.

Not too long ago, when they had the opportunity to govern this country, they introduced a certain social intervention that naturally falls outside the beliefs of the party. They were commended for doing so because for those of us who believe in socialism, any efforts by any government to ameliorate the suffering of the masses remain something worthy of commendation.

So the School Feeding Program became one of the interventions the NPP prided itself with even to today. The flagbearer of the party, Mr. Akufo-Addo would never miss an opportunity to mention this program without pride. What he failed to let people understand, perhaps what was to be expected by everyone, is that, the party would as much as possible, conceal the truth from the people. And I mean the stinking truth that would expose them for their insincerity when they had the opportunity to govern this country between 2001 and 2009.

Today, they present themselves as the saints of Ghana politics seeking power. What they are doing is to hoodwink you into voting for them. Let’s take a tour of the administration of the NPP. Sometime ago, the Dutch government had decided to make a significant intervention by aiding the government of Ghana under the NPP to provide meals for school children at the basic level.

By close of 2008, the program had on its list, some 440,000 school children. Upon an audit under the instance of the donor government by PricewaterhouseCoopers an international audit firm, it was revealed that school children were fed with rotten tomatoes as well as maize infested with maggots. The total number of students on the program were massively inflated to the grace of the pockets of friends and cronies.

One would have thought that a program that is receiving funding from an external source, the government in charge would have taken steps to ensure it is adequately targeted and the quality of food assured. Schools were wrongly targeted resulting in well-endowed schools benefiting from the program while deprived schools were denied this intervention.

Don’t be in a haste to drink the soup when the Fufu is yet to be ready. The tour continues; monies released never reached their destination in the amount released, enrollment in schools were increased at the National School Feeding Secretariat contrary to the reality on the grounds for the sole purpose of diverting monies into the pockets of individuals in the government, while the costs of purchases of cups, pots and other facilities were mind-boggling.

Here are the records. For Wenchi in the Brong Ahafo Region, the report revealed that out of a total amount of 146,553,000 Cedis released, the district received only 65,403,000 Cedis by the time the money arrived. A total of 81,150,000 had gone missing in the chain.

For Keta in the Volta Region, out of a total amount of 170,000,000 Cedis released to the district, only 105,000,000 Cedis arrived. A total of 65,000,000 Cedis had gone missing in the chain of transfer.

For North Tongu, out of a total amount of 134,000,000 Cedis released from the National School Feeding Secretariat, only 78,000,000 arrived to the district for the program. A total of 56,000,000 had gone missing in this chain of transfer.

In the scheme of clever stealing, one would have expected that people who could take the Electoral Commission of Ghana to court over supposed duplicate serial numbers, would have remained blameless in their record. Two companies issued two separate invoices to cover services provided for the Scheme on 6th April, 2006 and 5th July, 2006. Ironically, the two separate invoices issued from these two companies bore the same invoice number 1080.

As if that was not enough, in their clever stealing scheme, the number of enrollment was inflated to justify the figures supposed to have been released. In Abura Asebu Kwamankese in the Central Region, a school with actual student population of 229 was recoded by the Scheme as having a student population of 501. An additional 272 students were added to the list to soar up the figures in order to increase the amount to be diverted into individual pockets.

In Asikuma Odoben Brakwa, also in the Central Region, a school with an actual population of 260 was recorded on the scheme as having a student population of 459. An additional 199 students were equally added to soar up the private investments in pockets of cronies.

In Sekyere East in the Ashanti Region for instance, a school with actual student population of 335 was inflated to 500. Again, in the Techiman Municipality in the Brong Ahafo Region, a school with an actual student population of 239 was inflated to 550. These were schemes put in place to milk the coffers of donors dry. You can imagine what they did to government of Ghana coffers then.

All these happened under the New Patriotic Party with Dr. Amoako Tufour at the helm of affairs and Akufo-Addo as a cabinet minister.

Dr. Amoako Tufour remain a solid supporter of Akufo-Addo. He never see anything wrong with him and had consistently and religiously sung his praises. A clear indication that this man would one day find his way within the circles of power should the unfortunate happen. Indeed, they were together in the mess enumerated and would always sink in same anytime the opportunity falls on their lapses.

If these are the people posing as saints who have been ordained to rescue Ghana from where we are today, I can tell you that they are shameless. They know within their hearts that but for elections, and the need to contest this very election, they have no moral standing to vent their spleens on the President of the Republic His Excellency John Dramani Mahama a man who had proven himself worthy of trust and one who is incorruptible.

Pause for a moment before asking me why they have not been prosecuted if all these corrupt acts were recorded under the NPP. Fact is, that they have not been prosecuted does not bar me as a writer from recounting their rot. It does not also prevent anyone from making reference to the reports by PricewaterhouseCoopers which remain relevant to us.

I want to take this opportunity to, before bringing this episode to an end, thank Honourable Doctor Omane Boamah, Minister in Charge of Communication, for wonderfully revealing these details over the weekend.

To the young ones who might have been young at the time the NPP exited power in 2009 and who are qualified to cast their first votes, think about your future based on the records of the past of the NPP as enumerated in this piece. For further details, just contact the writer on the number provided above. Thank you!



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