Since the release of the 25th edition on Monday 22nd August, 2016, I felt reluctant keeping the President’s phone away from me because of certain behaviours in our society that were rearing their funny heads. I knew sooner than later, i would have no option than to release some episodes outside my normal mode of operation. And true to my conviction, we have arrived here.

Gradually, we have arrived at the season for which this very series was revealed and instituted. We have gotten to a season where hypocrisy as usual, would take over our political discourse, a season where victims would be created from perpetrators of crimes, where incompetence would be projected over competence, where divisiveness would be projected over unity, where vindictiveness would be projected over tolerance and where dictatorship would be projected over democracy, all because a certain individual still remain in the race of chasing a dream set in motion some 20 years ago.

We have gotten to a season where, having learnt from an elder of a flagbearer who had had the liberty, joy and fields day to insult (to use their own words) two separate presidents, and who had instituted words such as “professor-do-little”, ” lame duck president”, “armchair president”, “incompetent” into our political lexicon is now crying victim.

We have gotten to a season where the media agenda of the opposition has been clearly activated with surrogate media houses playing the victim, assuming the position of asking questions that projects the leader of the opposition as vulnerable.

Indeed, the vulnerability of the opposition leader does not lie in the mouth of my president. It does not lie in my hands to also describe his vulnerability.

However, it lies in the mouth of the president. It lies in my hands also to remind Ghanaians who Akufo-Addo is. As a matter of fact, the divisive nature of the flagbearer of the NPP is an issue raised by his own party people. The accompanying dismissals to dissenting opinions in his party had long established him as a divisive character. Making reference to this is not an insult to him, but a description of his persona which is very key in his quest for leadership of this country.

It is not the president who asked the NPP to always refer the human rights records of Akufo-Addo. Indeed, his top notch achievements in this country had been his leading Kumepreko demonstration an act he claim was conducted to liberate the people. Again, records of his human rights activities have always been bandied about in this country.

Then I ask, of what use is the human rights records of Akufo-Addo in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s to the people of this country when in 2016, he does not stand to protect the rights of people being haunted in his party? Of what use? Is it not a fact that his actions of today has projected him as someone who never believed in what he claimed to stand for? Indeed, the question of the president, “how do you unite the country if you cannot unite your country?” is in order.

How has it become an insult to refer that “someone came into this area and said he wasn’t seeing anything. And I said may be he was asleep”? Since when have we become this disingenuous? Of what use is literature in our lives, of what use are idiomatic expressions and figurative speeches when we cannot employ them in our everyday lives?

In any case, how many times haven’t we seen pictures of the flagbearer of the NPP in states that depicted him as sleeping? So how wrong could the president be even if he was direct? And since when have such references become an insult? Is it because it is about a certain Akufo-Addo? I really can’t think far.

With my earlier reference, was Akufo-Addo praising late president Mills who was his school mate and whose competence he knew when he referred to him as “Professor-do-little”, “lame duck president” and “armchair president”? Was he praising him? If it was wrong, when did it become wrong? Are we not carrying an over-pampered king and lording him over us in a palanquin to make president and a dictator?

If it was wrong, the adult that he is with his supposed political record, should be the first person to lead the way. You went around throwing punches and when a little stone is thrown at you, you cry the loudest.

Indeed, it remain an open knowledge that Akufo-Addo sleeps, it remain a fact that people who have criticised him and expressed their disgust at his handling of the party were sacked, it remain a fact that he declared all die be die (a declaration that is never a mark of peace), it also remain a fact that Akufo-Addo keeps calling others names. He who calls for equity must come with equity (or clean hands) a maxim that as a ‘lawyer’ he should be conversant with.

Ghana cannot proceed to elect a leader without the contestants testing and assessing the capability, capacity, demeanour, and character of their opponents. Even in the United States, an advance democracy that has become a reference to many, we have read and heard audios of Donald Trump taking the person of his contender Hilary Clinton on and projecting her as incapable of leading the States. In the same way, Mrs. Hilary Clinton had on countless occasions, taken on Donal Trump as a character and projected him as an error to the States if elected president. How much more Ghana? How different can Ghana be?

For me, I cannot proceed to elect a president who has the tendencies of keeping quiet when I, an opponent of his candidature is being beaten and haunted. It remain a fact, that on occasions that Akufo-Addo had to speak against violation of the rights of anyone, it was only at instances that it affects him as a person and his interest.

We have gotten to the point where we would not sit and watch victims created out of certain characters that never lost an opportunity of attacking those who should be playing victims today.

Clearly, we have been disappointed in Akufo-Addo. Ghana requires a leader who has a proven track record of achievements and a record to unite this country. We do not need a leader who cannot accept divergent views a trait established to be rife in the opposition leader Akufo-Addo.

President Mahama has remained peaceful and kept this nation in peace except the disorder from the wing of Akufo-Addo. Perhaps, to that extent, we can falter the president for not clamping down heavily on these dysfunctional elements in his country as president of the Republic.

To continue transforming Ghana, you require a leader such as president Mahama who is able to add 6,000 hospital beds in 4 years, 123 Senior High Schools in 4 years, building universities, building top quality roads, delivering CHIPS compounds, revamping factories such as the Pwalugu Tomato Factory, Komenda Sugar Factory, Kumasi Shoe Factory, Buipe Shea Nuts Processing Factory, and many others, and who remain busy, but had kept his party and Ghana together.

We are on! Ready!! And on the move!!! If you are intolerant, we shall tell you. It is not an insult. If you declared all die be die, we will tell you. You have kept quiet and was unable to condemn in plain language violence in your party that does not affect you. This, we shall keep reminding you and Ghanaians of. If these are insults, so be it. Mr. President, carry on.

………to be continued……….


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