The President’s tour of the Ashanti Region was remarkable and spectacular. The reception was massive and gargantuan in nature.

Yes, a mandate was given based on a promise for which the president was elected. It was appropriate in that light to go back to the people to show so far, the deliverables on the mandate given.

Especially having an opposition of the nature we have, one cannot risk not telling the story so far. Having challenged the legitimacy of his election for 8 months, it would be completely inappropriate to sit back and watch instead of showing the remarkable achievements over this relatively short period.

Visits to the Kejetia Market, the 37 Military Hospital in the Ashanti Region, as well visit to the Fomena District Hospital which has a design just like the Dodowa Hospital among others were remarkable.

I could see, from images I watched, that the chiefs and people of the communities the president visited were ecstatic with his presence and especially the projects they can relate to in their respective communities and for the collective improvement of the Ashanti Region.

Considering the fact that the region remained the stronghold of the opposition since 1992, one can best appreciate the massive outpour of people in his escort. In all, the tour of the Ashanti Region was successful.

However, there were reports of an incident that greeted some supporters of the party in the region where some vehicles carrying irate supporters were attacked and stones pelted at them.

We must be very tolerant a bit more. We are in an election year and little little things of this nature contribute in increasing the political tension which we must be seen to be avoiding by now.

The Volta Region had equally remained the stronghold of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), at least since 1992. Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition is able to walk into the region freely, shake hands with market women, address gatherings, play ‘chacha’, and then walk away without news of any attack whatsoever on his person or anyone he walks with.

Why must the situation be different? Why can’t we tolerate each other? At least, the entering of a politician to any parts of the country does not guarantee votes we can all admit. If that was not the case, how possible is it for political parties that have campaigned at polling stations to record no (zero) votes during an election?

What we need to do is that, we must allow ourselves to be informed by these politicians. We need to know what they have to offer this country. That way, we can all make informed decisions. We can best make better choices that would advance the general course of the people of Ghana.

Oh yes, do not think I have forgotten about Kennedy. He has done it again. But, why are we so surprised? Character, once adequately developed, can only be exhibited for the outside world to see.

So in that spirit, Kennedy had decided to exhibit his long acquired character for which he gets rewarded in the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Insults on women, tribes and others is nothing new to him. While I will not attempt to lash at him for doing what he is known for, I must admit these are all part of the schemes to increase the political temperature.

It appears the NPP has come to the conclusion that no elections without tension would be good for them, especially for their current flag bearer. Indeed, in a video recording, the flag bearer was caught inciting his party members to increase the political temperature. We can then conclude that what we are seeing today is a calculated scheme aimed at achieving a desired end.

But, in all of these, why is the focus on the Electoral Commission? Why not on the electorates? From electoral register to the commissioner, while the very important elements in the chain are being ignored?

Elections are won at the polling stations. They know this. Anything other than that, only goes to stress the point that the NPP has conceded losing this elections.

Why, Charlotte Osei does not generate election figures. Indeed, the Commissioner is the last to see results of elections which she appends and declares. From polling stations, party agents have access to results they sign before forwarding to their officers through the constituency to regional and then to national.

Any serious political party would position a message, then based on that message, ensure that after voting, the processes are adhered to until the final declaration.

I think we have allowed ignorance of the process to be visited on us rather forcefully making all of us believe in their projected and elevated ignorance.

I will urge the members of the NDC to proceed and continue preaching the messages of the Better Ghana Agenda that is Changing Lives and Transforming Ghana to the people for fruitful results. Yes, the EC would declare a winner. If in the end, the winner so declared is His Excellency John Mahama and deservedly so, we cannot help them.

………….to be continued………..


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