Gyan rape saga: Family cries out to Mahama(Video)

Mother of the girl who is accusing Asamoah Gyan of rape and sodomy has called on President John Mahama to intervene in seeking justice for her daughter.

This comes just off the heels of a declaration from the Attorney General’s Department not to pursue the case in court over lack of conclusive evidence.

Sarah Kwablah accused Asamoah Gyan of rape and sodomy in an act said to have happened at her apartment in February.

She also claims the Black Stars captain convinced her into terminating a resulting pregnancy in a procedure conducted by a quack doctor.

The 21-year-old student was hoping to take the case to court in a move which could have resulted into the imprisonment of the Shanghai SIPG striker.

But the criminal procedure was terminated even before it reached the court’s premises over claims, the allegations and evidence backing it lack merit and would not stand the test of legal scrutiny.

Mother of Sarah, Mary Kwablah however insists she is poised to take up the case through other channels in seeking justice for her daughter against Asamoah Gyan for savagely raping and sodomizing her daughter.

“My family, we are very worried because my daughter is a citizen of Ghana and I too I am same,” Mary Kwablah told reporters on Wednesday.

“The whole issue is very worrying because my daughter was raped. I am sorry to say this but the guy [Asamoah Gyan] is a beast!

“What happened is very painful because they did this and they brought my daughter out as an extortionist, blackmailer, a gold-digger, opportunist. My God! It is very painful.

“It is my family name out there.

“I am not rich, my late husband is not a rich man, he is just a chief inspector – a station officer. So the fact that we are not rich, does it mean we are not Ghanaian too?

“I believe the President is watching and the A-G is under him. So what is the President doing?

“He can say that, no, this is not good. Call the case, call the captain for him to answer.

“If it is 1000 years, my daughter’s name would be cleared by hook or crook.
“If the guy will not come out and say the truth and apologize to the family, whereby the authorities have refused to seek justice for my daughter, by hook or crook the guy must apologize. If not the truth will definitely come out.
“He is too proud to come to my face that ‘oh my mother please I am sorry we did this’ even when she was pregnant.”

Counsel for Sarah Kwablah, Maurice Ampaw added that he is considering taking steps to launch an international campaign to seek justice for his client once the domestic adjudication bodies have failed to do so.

“I have not sent a petition to FIFA nor the international committee. I am saying that it is an option we can take,” he said.

“Once the Ghanaian jurisdiction, the institution that is being paid by the tax payer says as for me, I am not interested in prosecuting, then there are other bodies who are interested in prosecuting.

“Amnesty International will be there, we can petition the UN. We can even give it to Anas to take it to Aljazeera as part of the story that a poor girl once lived in Ghana and we have a football star accused of rape and the Attorney General says he is not interested in prosecuting, it is a story.”

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