Gt Accra NDC Women urges to join campaign for Election Victory

Mrs Felicia Mekpoi Bortey, Greater Accra Women Organiser for the National Democratic Congress (NDC ) has called on all constituencies women executives of the party from across the region, to join in the campaign trail because their input was valuable to the cause of the NDC.

“I may, however, have to call on my dear sisters in the party leadership and membership to consider seriously supporting campaign trail and our parliamentary candidates in their constituencies, especially where the NDC has no sitting MP” she said.
Madam Bortey who is also member of the regional elections campaign task forces of the NDC, said the involvement of all constituency women leaders and supporters, is the key, saying that, “they have responsibility to work hard to renew the mandate of President John Mahama and the NDC or failure to do so will be a betrayal of the people who held the party up and gave it a life.”

The Greater Accra regional women leader of NDC made the call in an interview with The Enquirer during the inauguration of the regional election task forces in Accra on Thursday August 25..

She told the paper, she is being encouraged and motivated by the level of development ongoing in the region and across the country by the President ,John Dramani Mahama and the NDC government, and that with such level of vision for the nation, no one in the party should sit on the fence in the upcoming general elections.

” I am encouraged by the development so far, that is why I am also encouraging our constituency women and supporters not to be left out in this crucial election campaign, because, when I move around Accra, I see development going on, I see schools, hospital, asphalts roads and streets builds overnight, I see several projects and programmes ongoing in the region and am touched and proud of what I am seeing.” .

“So with all these and what the party has in stock for the next four years, it is obvious, Ghana will be certainly transformed and lives change when the NDC is retain in power. We have to work hard and as the regional women organiser, I am challenging our women to double their pace in organising and canvassing votes in their respective communities, ” Mrs Bortey stated.

She reiterated the region resolved to gain 60 per cent votes with a margin of over 300,000 and 1.5 million votes against the 52 per cent of little over 100,000 margin and 1.1 million votes in the 2012 general elections.

She further charged the constituency women organizers to pay attention to the people concerns, urging them to have regular meeting with, identifiable groups like traders, hairdressers association, seamstress, market women association and residents association and explain the NDC government policies to them.

Mrs Bortey also urged party members to keep the channels of communication open in order that they could work hand in hand to “re-ignite the enthusiasm to restore our party to its rightful position of respect and value in our society”.

She noted that every member of the party need to get involved and not continue to sit idle when just a few people in the name of being executives of the party to lead te campaign.

“Our campaign machinery cannot fly without your involvement. We have witnessed our campaigns in the past and can say without fear or favour that your absence on the trail is not a good development,” she urged the women wing.

The regional women organiser however, enjoined the former constituency executives to strengthen their front and constitute themselves into a formidable group or organisation so they can offer valuable advice and input to the party’s progress.

By Felix Engsalige Nyaaba/

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