Gov’t Enticing Journalists With Loans

The Herald, has picked up report that the government has started giving out loans to selected Ghanaian journalists in some particular media houses as a way to entice them.

The Herald has landed the name of some beneficiaries, including morning show anchors in some radio stations.

The last few days, had seen some of the journalists and radio stations (names withheld) pocketing these monies, which many say is a way of enticing the beneficiaries to do the government’s bidding.

Others had also been called to be in readiness for their share of the loans.

Reports are that the loans will eventually be written off by the government for the journalists who prove their loyalty.

However, the journalists who would take the money, but would not justify their commitment to the cause of the government will be chased with everything at the disposal of the government to retrieve the money.

More to come!

Written by Web Master

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