I have read with great amusement, governments promise of creating 100,000 jobs for the teeming unemployed people of Ghana in the 2018 Wahala/419 Budget.

1. How can we trust the NPP to create 100,000 jobs when they can’t even employ newly trained doctors, Nurses and teachers. How can we trust them to create 100,000 jobs when they can’t even pay YEA beneficiaries. This Government is broke and that is why they had to borrow to pay Public sector workers for the month of September. As we speak, government is struggling to pay NSS personnel their allowances for the month of October. How can government create 100,000 jobs when they can’t even meet these basic responsibilities. Where are the 51 factories they promised us for the year 2017 and where are the dams they promised. Where is the one million one constituency they promised us and where are the thousands of jobs they promised us in the 2017 “Asempa Budget”.

2. The total budget for the so called 100,000 Jobs is 300 million Ghana Cedis as provided under the allocation for the office of the president of 1,942,783,634 in the 2018 Wahala/419 Budget.

3. Now let’s do some simple arithmetics. Assuming that all this amount (GH300m) will be used to pay these 100,000 recruits in the year 2018 without expending anything on administrative cost and other related issues, it will mean that every recruit will be entitled to a total allowance of 3000 Ghana Cedis for the whole of 2018.

4. When you divide that 3000 Ghana cedis by 12 months, it gives every recruit a monthly salary of 250 Ghana cedis.

5. Now how can you employ university graduates and pay them GH250 cedis. In any case, are these temporary jobs or permanent jobs. A monthly payment of GH250 cedis is far below the prevailing minimum wage of Ghana. YEA workers are paid an allowance of 350 cedis. And if NSS personnel are being paid an allowance of GH559, how can government now employ university graduates and pay them GH250 Ghana cedis per month.

6. Are these the jobs they promised Ghanaians??? The answer is No. What the youth and people of Ghana want are sustainable jobs with decent compensation packages and not these adhoc worthless initiatives.

7. Moreover the modules they are seeking to introduce already exist under YEA (Youth in teaching/ CETA, Nursing, sanitation modules etc.) This is just a duplication of the modules which already exist under YEA. It is clear that government just want to create jobs for the members of their so called vigilante groups who have been on rampage since this government assumed office. This is nothing but job for the boys. Ayisi Boateng on my mind.

What do you think?

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