Government cannot employ everyone, Akufo-Addo tells NPP delegates

President Nana Akufo-Addo has said the state machinery cannot employ everyone in response to clamor for jobs by his party members.
Speaking at the party’s delegates conference Saturday in the Central Region, the president noted the that the longer the party stays in power, the more opportunities open for party members to get jobs in government.

“There are many of you who would wish that [you were appointed in government], and feel disappointed they couldn’t do so.
“I want to say tow things: one, it is not possible at any one time for all of us to have jobs in the state machinery. There are not enough jobs in the state machinery to accommodate everybody.
“Let me repeat it, there are not enough jobs in the state machinery to accommodate all of us.

“But if we stay in office long enough everybody will have a chance and have their day. So let us all remember that. If we say long enough everybody will have a chance.
He told delegates the mantra of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is to create jobs in the private sector and empower Ghanaians won want to establish businesses.
According to him, the NPP is not a socialist party therefore the idea of job creation in the state sector should be discarded.
“We came not to create jobs in the state, we came to create jobs in the private sector. That is our mantra, that is our vision.

“We will leave the creation of jobs in the state sector to the socialists who want everything to be emanated by the state. That is not our vision for Ghana.
“Our vision for Ghana is about a thriving economy built on the enterprise and the energy and the initiative of the Ghanaian private sector i.e the Ghanaian people.”

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