Gospel musicians sleep with producers -Anita Afriyie

About a year ago, there was major talk within the industry about some gospel musicians sleeping with some producers they work with.

Anita Afriyie, a Ghanaian gospel musician, who has been in the music industry for over 8 years, has told ‘Razz’ Newspaper that many gospel musicians sleep with their producers with the intention of getting assistance from them.

“it’s something that has been going on for years but people get scared voicing it out fearing they will get enemies from society and the industry, but since it’s a question you are asking me, I have no other option than to tell you the truth,” she said.

She confirmed she knew some musicians who have given in for some producers to sleep with them and have gotten what they want. “I can mention their names but it’s not too necessary.”

One of the main reasons why I’m telling you the truth is that, it is not a good thing – they must put a stop to,” she lamented.

In a separate interview with her husband, he stated that he has been in the business for more than 4 years and can say with confidence that what her wife is saying is true.

“My wife has mentioned some names of certain producers and musicians but I think it’s not something we should give prominence to. At the right time if those people don’t put a stop to it and the need arises, we will mention their names, but for now, we don’t see the need,” he affirmed.

Anita also said that, one of the main reasons why she chose her husband Mr. Samuel Osei Kwabena Jnr. as her manager is due to the frustration she goes through in the name of searching for producers and a manager, where most of them ask her to sleep with them before they assist her.

Anita Afriyie aka Mama Vim has four albums to her credit including her latest album ‘My Testimony’. Her latest track ‘Adehye Mogya’ is making wonders across the country.

Anita is also a powerful performer and can sing for heaven to kiss the earth, her husband added.

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