Gonjaland NDC youth descend on Samira Bawumia

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GOYCA has been monitoring Mrs Bawumia and her new trend of politicking. She has actually deliberately debased the political discourse and has since reduced everything to the person of President John Dramani Mahama. The NPP and its surrogates like Samira has introduced have decided to abuse the freedom of speech enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. The African culture which requires wives and husbands to exchange respect has been swallowed by partisan politics.

In her very recent insults on the person of President Mahama, Mrs Bawumia described President Mahama as “a useless president”. This naked insult has gained public attention and many are calling on her to apologize and retract with immediate effect.

Perhaps, the wife of the twice defeated running mate of the NPP, Mrs Samira Bawumia should be told to her face that, President Mahama is an institution who needs to be respected and preserved not for his person but for the image of Ghana. It is as though Mrs Bawumia relieved the husband from the shame and embarrassment he has suffered over his naked lies and fabrications against the government and the person of President Mahama.

Samira first visited Busunu, the hometown of President Mahama’s mother Hajia Habiba. The visit was targeted at her tribesmen (THE FULANI). Her message was for them to support her as a tribe-mate so her husband could become Vice President should the unfortunate happen. Out of mischief, lies, propaganda and wickedness, Mrs Samira didn’t take her time to investigate the issues about Busunu; their needs and challenges. She lied through her teeth that the People of Busunu share same water source with her tribesmen cattle. This was not just and insult to the people of Busunu, but to the entire Gonjaland.

For the records, President Mahama has two hometowns in Gonjaland per our customs and traditions: Bole ,his first home (Patrilineal) and Busunu, his second home (matrilineal). In both towns, human beings don’t share water with cattle. In fact, Busunu where she used as a reference point has 11 boreholes and a small town water system which is under repairs after some pipes were damaged in the course of the construction of the Fufulso-Damongo-Sawla road. Some German partners are currently working to restore the water system.

We sincerely belief that, Madam Samira was overwhelmed by the development she saw along the road right from Fufulso through to Busunu. She was perhaps disappointed by the transformation she saw in Busunu vis a Vis her agenda which of course angered her hence, her twists and turns corroborated by their rented press to gain some publicity and set as an agenda. For the records, Busunu is one of the transformed communities in West Gonja District from 2009 to date. The following are the key projects Busunu benefited from the NDC government:

1. The community was connected to the national grid.

2. A three unit classroom block and a nursing bungalow were constructed in 2011

3. A well furnished six unit classroom block, a teacher’s bungalow and a staff common room

4. A modern market

5. Mechanised boreholes from the road project

6. A police station, etc.

The people of Bole equally do not share water with cattle. In fact, Bole township has a small water system and a number of mechanized boreholes at vantage points. Bole had its share of the national cake as per it’s standard. Let nobody think that once President Mahama comes from Bole or Gonjaland, every stone or pebble should turn to gold. That was not the case with any of the Presidents right from Dr Kwame Nkrumah through to President Mills.

In any case, were we not in this country when leading members of the NPP attacked and accused President Mahama of nepotism, tribalism, favoritism in his government. The latest of such an accusation was from Professor Stephen Adei, a former Rector of GIMPA. President again has been accused continuously of relocating very key projects to his land. In this instance, the Fufulso-Damongo-Sawla road was used as a case in reference. What kind of double standards is this?

The worse of her attacks happened on the 30th of October, 2016, when she referred to President Mahama as a “USELESS PRESIDENT” at a rally staged at Tema. In case she’s yet to be told, E.A Mahama, the father of President Mahama made Mumuni Bawumia and brought him to the political limelight which has resulted in her husband gaining the political grounds today on the shoulders of the family name.

If the word “Useless” were to be redefined in its proper context, nobody should have reminded Mrs Samira of her escapades at GIMPA. If President Mahama uselessness could propel him to construct a road from Bawumia’s hometown District Capital of Walewale connecting to East Mamprusi in Gambaga then, Ghanaians will pray he should be more useless than he was described by Samira.

Respect for state institutions is a responsibility of every civilized but a patriotic citizen. The attempt by the NPP and its surrogates like Mrs Samira Bawumia to wage a personal war against President Mahama would be met with equal jabbing from GOYCA; this is not a threat.

Should we blame her? After her husband lost out in two counts and further losing his credibility and image gradually at the International stage, one should expect this kind of desperation from the wife. So, riding on the popularity and personality of President Mahama is just but a plan to get a slot on newspaper headlines and to impress the Nana Addo the god of NPP.

Let Mrs Samira be warned to stay far away from the person of H.E President John Dramani Mahama. Any attempt to sustain this war against the President would surely be foiled with all the available arsenals.

Perhaps her agenda could be well executed if she had teamed up with the likes of Samuel Abu Jinapor who has benefitted from President Mahama than any other government to help the dying Bawumia to redeem his image by providing the remaining 90% of names of Voltarians he claimed were Togolese in the Electoral register of Ghana. Or better still help their Flag bearer, Nana Akuffo Addo to answer the multitude of questions about his CV, his health and the whereabouts of the $6m diverted from their party cash into a secret Eco Bank Account for which reason Paul Afoko had to be crucified. These among others may help the NPP better than chasing President Mahama’s shadow around.

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