I sat in the stands and watched Accra hearts of oak beat Accra Great Olympics in a critical match that Olympics needed a win to save them from relegation.

As a Hearts fun, I should have jubilated, but I had a soft spot for our local rivals whom I felt needed to remain in the league.

The final whistle saw some Oly players break down in tears with others covering their faces with their jerseys, while others lay on the grass hoping the earth will open up and swallow them.

Meanwhile, some supporters in the stands were arguing on which players from Olympics and Accra Hearts of oak needs to sign on for their individual brilliance.

The NDC is in opposition and it looks like some people are negotiating on which players they need to join them or to stay and piss in !!!

Joining a political party may be a game for some, but for many, it has everything to do with ideology, principle and the wellbeing of the masses.

Some players have suffered the pain of carrying the drum for others to beat, carry the palanquin for others to dance.

The carriers who never danced to the tune being played because of the weight and the moves in your dance. They haven’t benefitted a thing and though angry, are ready to carry the palanquin a little longer since its just “12 moons far” .

The irony, however is, those who are in the palanquin are complaining of not being treated fairly. They are telling us their opinions supersedes that of the collective .

How unfair can life be?. If you have been carried by your constituents as members of parliament; by your regions as regional chairmen and ministers; by your party as board members, ambassadors and many other appointments , then who much is given , much is expected .

Today some have rights, better than the hungry and fragile heads that carried them. Their positions are non negotiable. They have the strength to tie our hands behind us and suprisingly, we are weaker than them.

If everyone is standing, and you are the only one(s) squatting, my brother, my sister, you have become the odd one(s) out. No matter how brilliant, beautiful you have ever been told you are, when we see a discharge on the ground we can’t look elsewhere.

It looks like only the children of “Nyame Bekyere” can be punished or are vulnerably kicked around. But the children of “Dada b3ba” are always under the feathers of eagles .

Let us as a party watch the children that bite our fingers when they are being fed.

When a man accuses a womb that nourished and protected it for nine months of being a witch, another woman or a soothsayer may be behind it .

The NDC has suffered many betrayals in opposition. But the kind we see now is terrible.

The way some sit on radio, change their identity, attack the gains we are making as a party in the media space .

Others grant interviews with no recourse to the future of the party, the toil and suffering of our youth , makes one wonder at what point do we crack the whip.

Those destroying with their feet what they helped build with their hands , let me humbly say , we all have opinions , but we bow to the collective .

There is an old adage that says, when a hunchback is being buried, another hunchback will be watching !!!

I pray, when Oly comes back to the premiership, it will know the supporters that stayed through with them.

The ship is in motion and it will surely get to its destination in 2020.

OLY supporters , let me humbly add just for today


I know there are better days ahead . The light will shine again !!!

Kun fa Yakun

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