Like any country that has wholeheartedly embraced democracy, Ghana is a Democratic state and therefore believes in the opinions and views of the citizenry. The constitution unambiguously spells out the roles and responsibilities of every state institution.
Like any other public institution in Ghana, the Electoral commission has always executed its duties professionally and efficiently having supervised six good elections for the past 24 years. In all these elections, the EC never succumbed to the whims and Caprices of any political party. For this reason, we saw both the NPP and the NDC being crowned.

It is disheartening to note that whenever the NPP won, the Electoral commission is considered to have acted professionally. One could consider it ironical that the victory of The NDC at any election will witness members of the NPP Gallivanting from one radio station to another accusing the EC of demonstrating unprofessionalism and partiality. It is sad to note that even when the evidences are conspicuously proven, The NPP still go about pontificating their unsubstantiated stance and throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians with their self concocted episodes of elections. This, the Young Cadres believe, does not augur well for multi-party democracy.

It is upon this background that The Young cadres Association want to implore all well meaning citizens of our beloved country to cooperate with the EC to ensure that we continue to enjoy the piece we are currently enjoying under the abled leadership of President Mahama. It saddens our hearts and shocks our bones to the marrow when the Ashanti regional branch of the NPP under the leadership of warmongerer Chairman Wontumi and the Parliamentary candidate for Asawase Constituency, Alhaji Alidu Seidu, staged a demonstration against the EC. The simple reason for this heavily-buzzed demonstration being that the EC did kowtow to the unreasonable demands made by Chairman Wontumi and his apparachiks.

The Young Cadres Association does not hold any qualms against the NPP for staging demonstrations since it is a practical and indispensable feature of multi-party democracy. We, the members of the Young Cadres Association, are worried and concerned about the way and manner the NPP mount incessant attacks on the EC. This ungodly and unpatriotic attitude, if not stopped, can mar the beauty of our democracy and enviable track record as far as elections are concerned.

Ghana remains the best example of democratic governance in Africa and would be highly suicidal and disappointing if a group of persons are allowed to destroy this hard-earned reputation in the quest for their insatiable desire for power to satisfy their parochial interest.

The Young Cadres Association is of the utmost belief that this year’s election is about track record. What makes it more interesting is that both the NDC and the NPP have had the opportunity to rule this nation and we believe it is left to the discerning people of Ghana to read in between the lines to see which of these Political parties has performed tremendously and deserves to rule.

The Young Cadres Association is more than optimistic that President Mahama has performed beyond expectation and the NDC,s victory in this year,s election is non-negotiable.

We therefore want to send a strong word of caution to The NPP particularly warmongerer Chairman Wontumi to give the EC a breathing space to perform its constitutionally mandated duty.


Bright Botchway,

General Secretary,

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