Gitmo 2: US Senators Cannot ‘Remote Control’ And Dictate To Ghana

Security Analyst Dr Kwasi Aning has urged government to call the bluff of America over the recent threat to cut foreign aid to Ghana if the country fails to hold and monitor the two ex-detainees from Guantanamo Bay and ensure they do not re-engage in terrorism against the United States

According to him, it is important that Ghana tells America in plain language that it cannot ‘remote control’ and dictate to the country as it is a sovereign nation and must decide what is best for itself.

Four United States (US) senators on Wednesday called on the Senate Appropriations Committee to cut foreign aid to Ghana if the country is unable to hold and monitor the two ex-detainees from Guantanamo Bay and ensure they do not “re-engage in terrorism against the United States.”

The Senators, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Roy Blunt of Missouri, James Lankford of Oklahoma and Steve Daines of Montana wrote this in a letter to State and Foreign Operations and Related Programs Chairman Lindsay Graham and the Appropriations Committee Chairman, Thad Cochran.

They are requesting that the committee reduce assistance to Ghana by $10 million per detainee “in the event either of these detainees escapes from confinement or re-engages in terrorism while in Ghana’s custody,” a statement on the US Senate website stated.

According to them, Ghana’s prison system is “plagued by decay and mismanagement” and may not restrain the two ex-detainees from harming US interests.

To this end, they said it was necessary to caution Ghana that there will be repercussions if the two ex-detainees return to ‘terrorism’.

The caution, according to them, would encourage Ghana to keep the two on a tight leash.

However, speaking to Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM, Dr Kwasi Aning criticized government for failing to thoroughly read and appreciate the official agreement signed between the two countries.

“There has always been a bargaining chip; we failed to understand that in these negotiations there is always a subsidiary bargaining chip, and we failed to read the official document well. Because we know that 18% of all terrorists who have left Guantanamo Bay have re-engaged in terrorism, and there’s no guarantee that those two will not re-engage. The senators are being hypocritical, and they want to poke their finger in Ghana’s eye, I think we should tell them to go to hell. I think Parliament should tell them to clear off.

He added: “Probably they might have fooled us, they cannot fool us a second time. Those who speak on these things must once more raise the voices and tell these people to go to hell. The Senators must also know that if these ex-detainees are walking by the road and are hit by a car, or are involved in an accident … that is not our business, and that we do not care. It is not because of two people that the whole apparatus of the state must stop working. It’s not everything that we can prevent from happening.”

Dr Kwasi Aning noted that Ghana has over the years allowed itself to be pushed around, and that must stop now.

“You see Ghana as a nation has bent backwards enough. The Senators are trying to tell us that Ghana will be held responsible if anything should happen to the two former detainees. But we should tell them… that…that is not their business, and we’re not going to bend back anymore. They may cut some of their aid, we’ll go back to eating cassava and plantain and grinding pepper to eat. I sincerely don’t think that two individuals must clamp the desire, fears and aspiration of 25 million Ghanaians. No…as for me I won’t bend backwards, and what must be said and written, I’ll do my part.”


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